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2007/06/30   Bonus archive update
In case you missed any of the voting bonuses since the last time I updated the bonus archive (early May), they're all there now up to and including the current two!

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2007/06/29   The Kid's Book Project
Here's something I meant to mention earlier this week:

The Kid's Book Project, set up by Mike Rouse-Deane involves over 50 webcomic artists (including me) coming up with a story in which one group works from the beginning of the book to the middle, only seeing the page before theirs, and another group works from the end to the beginning, only seeing the page after theirs. And then some lucky person gets to tie the two halves together! It can be preordered now - It's £6 (around $12) plus shipping, and the profits are going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Its planned release date is this December. I've already done my page (and seen the one before it), and I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes out. :)


2007/06/24   The continuing story of the lack of air
Continuing the story from the sprite voting bonus the other day, today's bonuses are two more sprite strips - in the first one, Linton wants to know if it's true what Mr. Maintenance Engineer said about the station running out of air in five minutes, and in the second one, the Rumormongers are discussing the situation. Thanks for voting!


2007/06/22   I've got a bonus strip, and I'm going to use it
I had an alternate version of today's strip I was going to use as a voting bonus, but I didn't get a chance to put it up - until now! (Of course, by the time most of you see it, it will have become an alternate version of yesterday's strip.)

And in today's second bonus, Mr. Maintenance Engineer makes his sprite strip debut!


2007/06/20   The Plant's Relative

One of the Plant's relatives has come to visit... Obviously not a very close relative, since this one has leaves! (And also tomatoes at some point, we hope.)

The site redesign continues with an update of the comic archive navigation - there are new arrow buttons, the story selection dropdown box is now available on all archive pages (and has been updated to include some of the storylines after 2005), and buttons have been added for some of the social bookmarking sites out there.

And on the voting bonus front, there's a bad translation of today's strip, and a sprite strip in which two rumormongers disagree about disagreeing.

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2007/06/17   Father's Day
Happy Father's Day to any fathers who might be reading this!

There are two sprite strips on the subject up as today's voting bonuses: The first one has a visit from Morty's father (or maybe not), and the second one is a very unsuccessful reenactment of a certain scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

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2007/06/16   Another alternate
Two new voting bonuses up today: The first one is an alternate version of today's strip (unlike the alternate strip the other day, this one was done after the one that actually went up), and the second one is a sprite strip in which two rumormongers try to figure out what to talk about now that Rumormonger Idol is over.

Thanks for voting!


2007/06/14   Another slight change...
I don't know if it really counts as a site update, but I've started putting labels on the blog posts. You might not think that's a very big change... and you'd probably be right. But I'll do it anyway.

And speaking of slight changes, I made a few to today's strip before I put it up. The strip as I originally drew it is up as a voting bonus (and a bad translation of today's strip is up as another) - the differences are in the third and fourth panels, where originally the plotter fish didn't say anything.

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2007/06/13   Feeding Station V3
I'm working on some more updates to the site - fixing a few layout problems, moving a few things around, that sort of thing. I downloaded the Windows version of Safari the other day, so that'll give me a fourth browser to check the site on after Firefox, IE, and Opera. (And I suppose I could boot up Linux and check it on Konqueror too!) So my mission, should I choose to accept it, will be to get the site looking the way I want it on all four (or five) browsers.

One change I've already made is a little less visible - unless maybe you're reading this right now instead of seeing today's comic like you expected to. I had a feed of the current strip up at, but I'm also updating the blog part of the site with Blogger, and that also likes to update the rss.xml file (and atom.xml). So every time I updated the blog, I'd have to remember to run my comic update script too, to make sure the rss.xml file had the comic instead of the blog. And if someone commented on a blog post, that'd also update the rss.xml file, and I might not notice for hours. So I figured instead of having Blogger and my comic script fighting over rss.xml, I'd let Blogger update that, and I moved the comic feed over to - so if anyone was checking the feed at rss.xml, you may want to move it over to comic.xml now instead!

On a related note, if you'd like Station V3 to be your friend on LiveJournal, there's a syndication feed already set up there. Right now it's running off a mirror instead of the main site here, but it still (usually) updates on time!

And of course, there's still the option of visiting this site every day to see the current strip, which is certainly not something I'm going to discourage! :)

(Oh yes, by the way... the zombies are attacking today!)

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2007/06/08   Rumormonger Idol's unhappy sponsor
Two sprite bonus strips today - in the first, it's revealed that the makers of Rumorbot 2000 aren't happy with his Rumormonger Idol loss, and in the second, the rumormonger with the hat has an idea to make it all better.

Thank You to everyone who's been voting! I'll be getting to some bonus strip requests soon, so if you have any, you can add them to the list here.

2007/06/05   More results
Today's bonuses continue the Rumormonger Idol results festivities - in the first, a few parting words from Rumorbot 2000, and in the second, Morty is welcomed back home to the station!

2007/06/02   Results!
June is here, and so are the Rumormonger Idol results!

In today's first voting bonus, the winner is revealed - and in the second, the accuracy of the vote totals is discussed.

What do you think?

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