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2006/02/28   The Hat
I mentioned that the names of everyone who gets the answers right in the V3 trivia quiz get put in a hat to see who wins the "V3 Prize Pack." (If you're going to give it a try, send me your answers by the end of the day tomorrow!) Today's bonus is a photo of Ebb attempting to wear the hat!

2006/02/26   Current Events and Rumormonger Idol
Three new bonus strips up today - by request, the rumormongers attempt to discuss current events on Earth here and here, and they discuss Rumormonger Idol here. Thanks for voting!

(And if you're wondering about the "current event" in the second bonus, there's some information about it here!)

2006/02/25   Thanks!
Thanks for all the votes the past few days! I've updated the bonus archive again with everything except the current three voting bonuses, so if you've missed any, take a look!

I'll be getting to some requests for the next voting bonuses, so if you have any, you can add to them to the list on the forum. (And while you're there, don't forget to check out the V3 trivia quiz!)

2006/02/23   How would you translate that?
Today's comic deals with Violet's need for a translator... So how would that be translated? Today's bonuses are a few alternate versions/bad translations of it (here, here, and here) - thanks for voting!

2006/02/21   V3 Trivia Quiz
As part of the Station V3 1,000th strip festivities, there's a twelve question trivia quiz over on the forum! If you get all the answers right, you get put in a drawing for an exciting* Station V3 Prize Pack! You have to be a forum member to enter, but it's (sales pitch on) Free and Easy To Join! (sales pitch off)

* (for certain values of "exciting")

Meanwhile, over at HOUSD, there's a guest strip I drew for the 1,000th strip there. Take a look!

2006/02/20   What does 1,000 mean?
Hope you enjoyed the first 1,000 strips of Station V3! And I also hope you enjoy the next 1,000 - starting with today's strip. :)

The third panel of yesterday's strip continues in today's voting bonuses (here, here, and here), as the rumormongers continue to discuss what the "1,000" on the sign might mean.

Something they don't think of (but it's true): HOUSD by Ali Graham hits the 1,000 strip mark today!

2006/02/19   1,000 strips
Another thing the "1,000" on the sign in today's strip could refer to is the fact that it's the 1,000th strip for Station V3!

(More or less, anyway... that total does include some guest strips. But I think I've done enough bonus strips to make up the difference!)

Have you read them all? :)

2006/02/18   Keep hearin' rumors 'bout you, baby...
Three more new bonuses are up today! A Rumormonger Idol sketch, a mangled translation of today's strip, and a photo of one of Ebb's children with a record the rumormongers would like!

Thanks for voting! If you've missed any of the previous bonuses, you can see them all in the bonus archive, which has been updated again.

2006/02/17   Music Makes Plants Grow
The Plant may not have liked the music experiment back in 2003, but maybe when it gets to pick the music itself, it's a different matter? The Plant appears to be a music lover in this art I got from Vorticus (of Playing With Knives and Nob the Blob) by way of the ComicGen Forums! :)

There are three new bonus sketches up today (here, here, and here), all on the subject of rumors that turn out to be true.

Speaking of which, rumor has it over 40% of the Station V3 archive has now been transcribed over at Oh No Robot! Special thanks to Peter Murray for the strips he's transcribed this past week.

2006/02/14   Valentine's Day
There's a (sort of) Valentine's Day themed bonus strip up today, with the Rumormongers, who have some odd thoughts on what the day's supposed to mean. And if you're not in a Valentine's Day mood, there's also an alternate version of today's strip!

2006/02/13   A set of Station V3 LiveJournal icons
I've made a few Station V3 icons for use with LiveJournal, and that sort of thing:

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

If you see any you'd like to use, feel free - all I ask in return is credit by way of a return link to! :)

In other news, if you missed the voting bonuses that went up over the weekend (or would like to see them again), they're still up. :)

2006/02/10   Prentis gets (a little bit) animated
Prentis may have missed out on his chance to get the pirates, but he can give it another try in this (animated!) security simulation up as one of today's bonuses!

In today's other two bonuses, Rumormonger Idol continues, and, by request, the Plant goes back in time to the first strip, which has some unusual side-effects.

Thank You to everyone who's been voting! If you have any questions, comments, bonus strip requests, etc., stop by the forum!

2006/02/08   A little bit of site updating
There are a few pages on the site that have needed a little bit of updating for a while, so I've been working on that. Specifically, the links page, the fun (aka "couldn't think of anything else to call it") page, and the art page. If you see any problems with them, let me know!

In other news, rumor has it some familiar characters popped through a wormhole and wound up over in Fizzle - take a look!

(And a reminder... Vote for V3! Vote vote vote! Thank you.)

2006/02/07   List reset/bonus update
Three new bonuses today... a bad translation of today's strip, an alternate version of today's strip, and a bad translation of the alternate version of today's strip!

Topwebcomics (where the alternate version is up) is going through a few changes, and they've reset the list. If you weren't able to vote yesterday, try again today!

2006/02/05   Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday is here, and I'll be watching on and off at least, hoping Pittsburgh wins - not because I'm a big fan, but because they're a Pennsylvania team. I'd feel the same way if it was Philadelphia... or Pottsville. :)

I've done another football-themed bonus strip, which is an alternate version of today's strip. If you missed yesterday's Super Bowl party bonus strip, here it is:

Image hosting by Photobucket

(And if you missed yesterday's other two bonus strips, they're still up!)

2006/02/04   Three! I have seen three!
Three new voting bonus strips up today - One by request involving Linton, the Chef, and the Plant, another in which the rumormongers on the planet are getting ready for their Super Bowl party (and running into a bit of a problem), and this one in which the tryouts for Rumormonger Idol continue. Thank You to everyone who's been voting, and if you have a request for a bonus, you can post it on the forum!

2006/02/02   Groundhog Day 2006
So the groundhog saw his shadow, and reality as we know it continues as expected. No Groundhog Day-themed strip or bonus here this year, but Ebb and Neap have covered that in previous years. I could have done something with the Chef and ground hog/pork sausage, but I saw that joke turn up in The Family Circus today, so just as well I didn't. :)

Besides the Ebb and Neap Groundhog Day strips, you can now find all of last month's bonuses in the bonus archive - everything's there now except the current three bonuses.

2006/02/01   Adama's Beard
Apparently Station V3 is currently the top result on Google if you search for "Adama Beard." Last year I made a comment about Adama's beard in Galactica 1980, and it turned up in last month's search strings. I'm a little surprised that a) Station V3's the top result for the search, and b) people are searching for it. I'm told Adama hasn't been growing a beard in the new Galactica... but maybe there's some demand for it? :)

There were some other interesting search strings, too... I've posted a list of them over in the forum.

  A new month
Here we are in February! A little preview of things to come this month: The station gets back to normal! Or maybe it doesn't.

I'd like to thank everyone again for voting for Station V3 - it made the top 40 on two of the lists again (and #56 or so on the third). The goal for this month is top 40 on all three, so to get that started, here's a bad translation of today's strip, the continuation of Rumormonger Idol... and a bad translation of Rumormonger Idol!

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