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2008/04/25   See the reject
Sometimes I have ideas for strips that don't quite fit in the current story, and I put them aside to use later. Sometimes instead of putting them aside for later, I decide I'm never going to use them. And sometimes I draw one of them anyway, and put it up as a voting incentive!

(If I do wind up using this one someday - unlikely, but you never know - then think of this as a preview!)

And since I put up bonuses in pairs, here's a sprite strip in which Linton has a few things to say about Rumormonger Idol.


2008/04/23   Podwarping
Episode 9 of Podwarp 1999 isn't up* yet. This is because we just finished recording it.

Episode 8, on the other hand, is! This is because we recorded it over a week ago.

* Now it is!


2008/04/18   New bonuses today
Two new bonuses today - a sprite strip in which two rumormongers (with hats) return from the Rumormonger Idol tryouts, and a bad translation of today's strip. Thanks for voting!


2008/04/15   Bonus and Taxes
Today's first new bonus (at TopWebcomics) is an unused alternate version of a strip from last week (this one) that I drew before I decided it made more sense to give some of the lines to Mr. Green.

And since today is April 15th, today's second bonus (at buzzComix) is a sprite strip that involves Linton's somewhat less than successful attempt to collect a security tax.

Thanks for voting!


2008/04/09   Birthdays, bonuses, and things
Somehow I managed to forget Z7's birthday again - a couple days ago (on the 5th) it turned four.

Station V3 will be turning five next month (on the 6th), and once again, the planned birthday festivities include a guest strip week - so if you're interested in drawing a guest strip, let me know! (Or just send one in!)

In other news, today's new bonuses are a bad translation of today's strip, and a sprite strip in which a rumormonger with a hat plans to try out for Rumormonger Idol. Thanks for voting!

And in other other news, another new episode of PodWarp 1999 is up!

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2008/04/07   Rumormonger Idol continues
Rumormonger Idol continues with today's bonuses - a bonus strip in which the judges give their opinions of what they've seen so far, and a sprite strip with a rumormonger who missed the tryouts. Thanks for voting!


2008/04/04   Other things to see (and hear) today
Two more contestants try out for Rumormonger Idol in today's bonuses (here and here - thanks for voting, and if you have a bonus request, you can post it here!

Ebb's Children updated today. (First time this year!)

And the latest installment of PodWarp 1999 is now online for your listening pleasure! In this episode, we discuss sci-fi sub-genres, the Deus ex Machina, parody/homage/plagiarism, and continuity.

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2008/04/01   No Fooling
A year ago, I put up the first strip for the latest Station V3 spinoff, Silence in the Darkness on Q16. And we all know how that turned out, right? Strip #366 went up today.

In other news, there are two new voting bonuses up today - Today's strip translated into Violet's language, and a new style of sprite strip for people who think the old style had too many words and sprites with too much detail.

And if you're looking for the "green fuzzy thing crawling on your shoulder" joke, try today's Z7!

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