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2014/09/14 Progress…

Not doing too well on the “catch up” part of updating so far… But at least there have been updates. Progress! :)

Here, have another bonus strip!

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2014/09/01 2014 State of V3

So, some of you may have noticed that this is September 1, and the April 1 comic just went up… On the plus side, it has Freddy the Space Narwhal in it! Delays have been due to a number of reasons – busy at work, lack of time, technical difficulties, etc. But if you were worried about the comic disappearing, it’s not going to do that (just renewed hosting for another year), and if you were worried about it ending, it’s not going to do that either. The plan is to get caught up by the end of the year. We’ll see how that goes – but there will definitely be further updates!

Also today, there’s a new bonus strip in a style that would get me caught up in a hurry. (But of course I’m not going to do that.) :)

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2014/01/02 2014

Happy New Year!

Something posted last year (barely), actually from the year before: A new episode of PodWarp: 1999!

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2013/12/28 Zortic Finale

Zortic by fellow PodWarper/Quark cartoonist Mark Mekkes has its finale up today – don’t miss it*! (And then when you’ve read it, read it all again from the beginning, and read the classic version too!)

* Also, look for Ebb’s cameo (or Neap’s?) in the last panel!

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2013/12/25 Happy Holidays

Please have snow and mistletoe
And rumormongers on the tree…

Could have done without the snow, actually, but I did get this nice rumormonger ornament from my sister! Merry Christmas/Season’s Greetings/Enjoyable December 25th/Happy Holiday #11!

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