July 05, 2015

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2015/07/03 Bonus!

It occurs to me that having a preview of the future as the current voting bonus doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when that future is now in the past – so there’s a new sprite strip bonus up today when you vote for Station V3 at TopWebcomics!

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2015/07/01 Updates

Station V3 is back! Except they’re not sure where the station is…

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2015/05/28 What’s the Problem…?

Another hint of what might be happening in Station V3′s future!

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2015/05/04 This Month’s Schedule

While I work on the changes I mentioned in last month’s post, I’ll be running a story here this month on a MWF schedule with some strips I drew a while back for the Station V3 “spot the differences” flash game. (If you’ve played the game before, you may spot a few more differences!)

Also this month, check back for some previews of what’s coming next. (For a hint, vote for Station V3 at TopWebcomics today!)

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2015/04/04 Changes!

Obviously the “catching up” thing hasn’t quite worked out. So at this point there’s going to be a slight change of plans. Daily updates may resume again soon, but there are going to be some changes. So it’ll be different… But it’ll be the same. But different. So watch this space!

(Or maybe a slightly different one!)

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