February 07, 2016

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2016/02/05 Tryouts Continue

The Rumormonger Idol tryouts continue in today’s bonus strip – Vote and see!

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2016/02/02 Gound-Eel Day?

The Rumormonger Idol tryouts get started in today’s bonus strip – Vote for Station V3 and see!

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2016/01/30 Thinking of a Rumor

In today’s new sprite strip voting bonus, one of the rumormongers tries to get some help thinking of a rumor for Rumormonger Idol… But he may have asked the wrong guy!

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2016/01/23 Rumormonger Idol Returns

There was a request on the forum a few months ago for Rumormonger Idol to return… Now seems like a good time! Vote for Station V3 today at TopWebcomics to see some of the rumormongers discussing its return. :)

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2016/01/10 Resolutions

A few resolutions for 2016:

  • Keep updating Station V3!
  • Keep updating Silence in the Darkness on Q16.
  • Update Z7 and Ebb’s Children occasionally.
  • Work on the third book so it’s done this year instead of 8 years from the last one!
  • Draw some guest strips/fan art if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Update the voting bonuses a little more often!

To get started on that last one, there’s a new bonus up now, where Linton gets a suspicious package – Vote for Station V3 at TopWebcomics to see it!

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