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2005/07/27   Summer TV
Today's voting bonus sketches (at TopWebcomics and Webcomics List) are a look at what some summer TV programs on the local channel in V3's system might be like... Thanks for watching/voting! :)

2005/07/25   Genesis?!
"Genesis allowed is not! Is planet forbidden!"

OK... now that I've got the Star Trek III quote out of the way, the news: KeenSpace, the host on which this site resides, was recently renamed ComicGenesis. This shouldn't make too much difference here, since Station V3 will still be at (Yesterday's glitch appears to be unrelated to the name change.) I have had to change the "hosted on" line at the bottom of each page to reflect this change, and I've been making a few other minor changes while I'm in there (and I updated the bonus archive again), so if you see anything broken, let me know!

2005/07/21   Its own bonus
Today's strip gets to be its own bonus... first with an alternate drawing, and then with a bad translation (by way of German). :)

2005/07/20   Scotty
James Doohan has died at the age of 85. Not surprising news, since he had been in poor health (he died of pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease), but still sad to hear.

2005/07/16   Reader Request Bonus in Two Parts
Today there are two new bonus strips up (here and here) from a request on the forum involving Mr. Maintenance Engineer's brother. Thank You to everyone who's been voting!

2005/07/14   Archive updated, and a request for requests
The bonus archive has been updated with all the voting bonuses except the current two. If you have a request for a bonus strip, you can post it in this thread on the forum. There are a few there I haven't got to yet, but I don't mind having more added to the list! :)

2005/07/11   Another bad translation, and Oops
Today's bonus at TopWebcomics is another bad translation - this time it's today's strip. Only one talk balloon made it through completely unscathed!

Today's other bonus, at Webcomics List is a preview of the first panel of tomorrow's strip, with a slight problem that I had to fix after I scanned it... In the process of drawing the strips, I start by printing out the panels with the words already in them, and then draw the characters and backgrounds in the panels. For this to work, I have to have a pretty good idea of where everyone's going to be in the strip, so I can have the words in the right place. This time I didn't. (But don't worry, it's fixed for tomorrow!)

2005/07/09   Lost in translation...
Some of you have probably seen the screencaps of the bootleg DVD subtitles (translated from English to Chinese back to English) for "Revenge of the Sith" (aka "Backstroke of the West") - the site I saw them on seems to be down right now, but for today's V3 voting bonus pleasure, we have two strips that have been through a similar translation process, by way of Portuguese.

Us we start only the local narrow channel well now... Do not want!

2005/07/04   I've been quiet again
I haven't posted anything here in a while... things have been busy at work (where the evening Scranton Times and morning Tribune recently merged into the morning Times-Tribune), so the time I've had to work on the comics has been spent more on actually making the comics than anything else!

Thanks to everyone who's been voting for Station V3! Last month Station V3 finished just outside the top 40 on TopWebcomics and just outside the top 20 on Webcomics List, which isn't bad considering I hadn't put up any new voting bonuses since June 21. (Also: Top 5 on Project Comics!)

Today there are two new bonus sketches! One follows up on Morty's "Music Makes Plants Grow" experiment, and the other is 4th of July-related.

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