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2005/01/29   Station V3 influences reality?
So, today's strip involves a pipe breaking on the station... the day after drawing it, I had to deal with a broken pipe at home. I should draw a strip involving the guys on the station winning the lottery and see what happens then...

(And why isn't Morty fixing the pipe? Because he's still in yesterday's bonus watching TV.)

2005/01/28   Meanwhile, back on the station...
In today's bonus picture, we see Morty hard at work on the station. Or at least he's supposed to be. :)

The Station V3 forum may be down temporarily, since the TalkAboutComics site it's on is scheduled to be down for maintenance for a day or two.

2005/01/25   ...and I *BERATE* you!
The streets haven't been too clear since the snowstorm here over the weekend, and I live on a hill, so I've been taking the bus in to work this week instead of driving. Today on the way home the song the punk was playing on the bus in Star Trek IV popped into my head. I didn't start singing it, though... I doubt if the other passengers would have enjoyed it. :)

Oh - buzzComix is back up. Yay!

2005/01/24   Downs and Ups
Looks like buzzComix is down with an "account suspended" message again... hopefully they can get that fixed. (I've moved today's Floyd Dimension bonus over to TopWebcomics.) Now, for some better webcomic news, DrunkDuck is back up. :)

  The Floyd Dimension
In Z7 there's the Gordon Dimension... you may be wondering if in Station V3 there's a Floyd Dimension. Even if you weren't wondering that, today's bonus is a look at what the Floyd Dimension would be like! :)

2005/01/21   Drawing with my eyes closed
There was a discussion on the KeenSpace forums about the sort of results you'd get trying to draw your characters with your eyes closed. Some of the recognizable results are up as a bonus, if you're interested in seeing them (or just voting). If you've got a request for a bonus strip, you can post it on the Station V3 forum. I promise to draw the next bonus with my eyes open. :)

In other news - if you missed today's Z7 strip (since it looks like DrunkDuck has been down all day), you can see it here.

2005/01/18   600
So, apparently I hit 600 strips (not counting Z7 and bonus) a day or so ago! I hope you're enjoying them. :)

There's a new bonus picture up today to see when you vote, of Ebb and the kids coming by for a visit. The previous bonus pictures are here and here, and anything before that is now in the bonus archive.

2005/01/14   I think we would have noticed it before...
There was a bit on the local news tonight about the Huygens probe and Titan... after they showed a picture or two and talked about how it took seven years to get there, one of the anchors commented that Titan was "750 miles" from Earth. Wow... that close? The heck with the Moon and Mars, we should have gone to Titan a long time ago... :)

2005/01/13   Another one of Linton's simulations
Linton's not in a simulation in today's strip... maybe he thought he was in today's bonus.

2005/01/11   The Magic of the Internet
Now I know how to fold a shirt.

  They Came From The Cafeteria
It seems like I haven't been saying much here except when there's a new voting bonus up to tell you about. I was going to change that today, but guess what? There IS a new voting bonus up today, a sketch I'll just call "They Came From The Cafeteria." (And the previous bonus strip is here now.) So... so much for that idea! But thanks for voting. :)

2005/01/07   The fastest snake alive
There's a new reader request bonus strip up today - in color, for reasons which may or may not be apparent. (It depends on whether or not you recognize the character who was requested.) If you have a request for a bonus strip (or anything else you'd like to say) you can post it on the forum!

2005/01/04   Random stuff
Congratulations to The Mansion of E, which recently hit the 500 strip mark! And it's worth reading all of them. :)

I'm going to hope that this time when I say DrunkDuck (and therefore, Z7) is back up it stays that way...

The last two bonus sketches from 2004 are now in the bonus archive, so everything's there now except the three current voting bonuses.

2005/01/01   Happy New Year!
Here we are in 2005... Happy New Year! Doesn't seem too different from 2004 so far, but it may be a little early to tell... :)

Here already we have the first Station V3 voting bonuses of 2005 (with a New Year's theme) up at buzzComix (which is back up now), TopWebcomics, and Webcomics List. I'd like to thank everyone who voted for V3 in 2004 - it did pretty well on the three lists, and some of you reading this now probably found the comic through one of them. Thanks for reading - enjoy! :)

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