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2006/09/30   A busy month
It's been a busy month for me at work, which is why I haven't been doing much here other than just keeping the comic updated every day. But I figured today before the month's over I could post a brief message (this is it) and three new sprite bonus strips (here, here, and here) with a little mini time loop story.

Thanks for reading!

2006/09/14   Two new bonuses
There are two new bonus strips up today - in the first one, the "Rumor Has It You Can Dance" story continues (and concludes), and the second one is a bad translation of today's strip.

If you have a request for a bonus strip, let me know!

2006/09/08   Star Trek: The 40th Birthday
Forty years ago today, Star Trek went on the air with the episode "The Man Trap" (the one with the salt vampire) - followed by 78 more episodes, The Animated Series, the movies, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. While it hasn't all been great stuff, there's enough good stuff there to make them some of my favorite shows. (The Original Series and The Next Generation, anyway!) :)

I was going to buy a Star Trek book at the Salvation Army today to mark the occasion, but the one I found turned out to be a Bible with the cover to "Bloodthirst" glued on...

2006/09/04   September State of the Station
The station's timeline is getting a bit tangled, but by the end of this month, the crew should be back on the right one. Or something close to it, anyway! Or at least they'll be back to *one* timeline... Maybe. (I don't think that's giving too much away...)

Meanwhile, back in our version of reality, I just paid the hosting bill for, so Station V3 has its home here online for (at least) another year! (And so do Z7, Ebb's Children, the forums, etc.)

Thank You to everyone who voted for Station V3 last month! To get things started this month, there are three new bonuses up today: a rumor about the rumormongers' dance contest, a semi-animated sprite strip in which two rumormongers react to the rumor, and a bad translation of today's strip. Thanks for voting, and thanks for reading!

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