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2004/10/31   Happy Halloween!
For Halloween, I've contributed a page to a comic adaptation of Poe's The Masque of the Red Death.

And put up a bonus Halloween photo with Ebb. :)

2004/10/28   Archive Update of the Bonus Kind
This month's previous voting bonuses have been added to the bonus archive. Thank you to everyone who's been voting for Station V3 at buzzComix and TopWebcomics!

In non-V3-related news, congratulations to the apparently no-longer-cursed Boston Red Sox. :)

2004/10/25   Return of the Space Eel
In today's bonus strip, the crew, blissfully unaware of the Death Fleet on the way, wonders whether or not a visiting space eel is friendly.

(And if you missed the previous bonus, it's here now.)

2004/10/22   Teleport to the Bonus
In case you were wondering how someone from the station would get down to the planet to put up the sign in today's strip when they're on emergency power and out of shuttle fuel, today's voting bonus offers an explanation. (Feel free to vote even if you weren't wondering that!) :)

2004/10/19   Prototype!
It's been a while since I put up an early rough draft Station V3 strip up as a bonus - so that's what today's is! I took out the pencil scribble and put in typed dialogue so it'd be legible, but I left the different spelling of Emmit's name and the two characters who aren't part of V3's crew in the strip now.

In completely unrelated news, the BBC has revealed the logo for the new series of Dr. Who.

2004/10/18   An "art"
There's a new bonus up today, and just to be different, it's a random non-V3 left-handed drawing. If you're in a V3-related bonus mood, the previous reader request strip is here.

2004/10/16   Printer update update
In case anyone was wondering, I did get a new printer before running out of half-completed (panels and text) strips to finish. :)

2004/10/15   Cast page update
A minor update to the site today... I've updated the cast page with a few more characters and links to each one's first appearance. This should be useful to anyone visiting for the first time and wondering who all these guys are! :)

I'll have a new bonus up soon - if you have any requests, let me know!

2004/10/14   Printer update
I decided on what printer I was going to get, and went out to get it... and ran into the slight snag of none of the places I checked having it, including the one where I saw it before. But they said their store in Wilkes-Barre had them in stock, so I'll probably get it tomorrow.

Fortunately, I've been working ahead a little bit, so today's strip went up on schedule... and so did today's new reader request bonus strip, which has the Chef's pet on the loose, following the previous bonus. Thank You to everyone who's been voting!

2004/10/12   Today's special
Today's bonus isn't the next reader request strip, where the Chef has a pet that gets loose on the station... but it's leading into it. :) If you want to see what's been requested (and maybe add a request of your own), check out the forum.

2004/10/11   Fun with printers
A little background information on how I draw the strip: The first part is on the computer, where I type the words into empty panels. I print this out, draw the strip in the panels, and scan it back in.

This weekend the printer seemed to be running a little low on ink - last time this happened, I discovered printer cartridges for it aren't as easily available as they used to be, so I used a refill kit instead. I refilled the cartridge again, but the ink doesn't seem to want to come out. At least not on the paper... on my fingers is another story. Since I can get a new (and faster) printer for less than the cost of ordering a pair of new cartridges online, I suspect that's what I'll be doing.

2004/10/09   Another bonus archive update
I've updated the bonus archive again, adding half a dozen recent bonuses - five strips and the "real life" photo of Ebb doing tech support. (This brings the bonus archive up to date with everything except the current voting bonuses.)

2004/10/08   On the planet
I still haven't added the guys on the planet to the cast page... I should do that soon. In the meantime, today's bonus is a scene from the planet.

2004/10/07   500
Station V3 is somewhere around the 500 strip mark. The KeenSpace guide had it at 500 strips yesterday. It may be a strip or two under if you subtract the occasional guest strip... or way over if you include the bonus strips!

2004/10/06   Bonus moved
Looks like buzzComix is having some problems... so if you want to see the new bonus picture, it's the voting incentive at TopWebcomics now.

  Banners and Bonus
If you've got a website and you'd like to link to Station V3, and you'd like some sort of banner or button for it, there are a few new ones here, with more on the way.

Today's bonus doodle shows one of the hazards of living on Station V3. The current reader request bonus strip is here now - if you have a request for the next bonus strip, or you've got something you'd like to say about the comic, you can do all that at the forum!

2004/10/04   Bonus and things
There's a new reader request voting bonus strip up today... Floyd's box of spare parts was last seen on Z7, and now it's back!

In other webcomic news: today over on Zeera the Space Pirate, there's a guest strip I sent in for the comic's third birthday celebration. (Happy Birthday to it!)

On a sadder note, Dog Complex is starting its final three weeks today.

2004/10/02   We have normality
The phone and DSL seem to be back to normal now. Cable is, too. (That was off too for a while, for unrelated reasons - the company was rerouting some wires somewhere) So the only problem getting today's comic online was that Mr. Maintenance Engineer didn't seem to want me to draw him at first. (Maybe he was mad about the way his eyes bugged out a bit in the third panel of the current bonus?) But we worked it out. :)

2004/10/01   Turn it off, turn it back on again...
DSL's been working on and off... from last night to this morning, it's been more off than on. And obviously I should start uploading strips ahead of time until waiting until the night before.

To get this month started on the voting lists, there's a reader request bonus strip at buzzComix with an upgrade to the formerly-human Floyd, and the "real life" Ebb attempts tech support for me at TopWebcomics. The voting went very well last month - a big thank you to everyone who voted! :)

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