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2007/07/27   Two for the price of one
Two new voting incentives today from one request! The request was "rumor has it Ebb used to be a singer in his own band," so here's a sprite strip on the subject, and another bonus strip to follow it! If you have a request, you can post it here.


2007/07/24   Scranton Comic Book Convention
On my way back from Frackville on Saturday, I saw a sign for a comic book convention at the Clarion Hotel here in Scranton on Sunday - I did a quick search and found some messages about it on DrunkDuck and ComicSpace, and it seemed like it'd be worth going.

And it was - it was a small show (not that I've been to any others to compare it to), but there were a bunch of dealers and several creators with tables there. I wound up talking to a few of them, including James Nguyen (who posted the message on DrunkDuck - he has his comics Inhabit and Jonas of the Sword up there), Chris Ring (who posted the message on ComicSpace - among other things, he's the creator of Carbon Knight, a four book comic series about a superhero originating in the Centralia PA mine fire), and Dan Parent (a freelance artist who - among other things - has done a lot of work for Archie Comics).

And of course I brought a bunch of copies of this year's photocopied-and-stapled Station V3 "Free Comic Book Day" mini-comic with me. So hello to anyone who met me there or picked up a copy of the book!

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2007/07/21   Book of the Day

(Apparently Ebb didn't get the message about Harry Potter...)

Today at Black Diamond Antiques at the Schuylkill Mall in Frackville, PA, I was looking through some books at one of the booths - a lot of science fiction (I was hoping maybe I'd find "The Space Barbarians" by Tom Godwin, but no such luck), and a lot of TV show tie-in books. And of course a lot of overlap between the two - mostly Star Trek, of course, but there were also a few (original) Battlestar Galactica books, and surprisingly, a lot of Space: 1999 books!

I wound up buying "The Space Guardians" (seen above with Ebb). One reason I picked that one was the fact that one of the episodes novelized in it is "Force of Life," which is one of my favorites from the first season. And it was also the cheapest one they had. :)

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2007/07/20   The reviews are in!
There was a review of Station V3 up at Art Patient the other day by Delos Woodruff, creator of The Frog Pond. A review of Station V3 is a somewhat rare occurrence (there are two others I can think of, from 2005 and 2004), so it's nice to get an update on how someone else thinks I'm doing! This one has some nice comments on the feel of the comic (I like the part about "strangeness and consistency at the same time") and the way things switch back and forth between the various characters.

Another thing I thought was interesting in the review was a comment about reading the comic's archives from the current strip backwards. My usual way of reading an unfamiliar comic is to read backwards for a few strips, and then if it seems good, jump back to the first one and start from there - although occasionally I'll just keep going backwards! I've put a poll up on the forum - what's your preference?

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2007/07/18   New bonuses today
Today's bonuses: A bad translation of today's strip, and a sprite strip with an unlikely rumormonger!


2007/07/12   By request, a bonus from the Dark Side
By request, today's first bonus has the crew fighting to get control of their station back from Darth Rumormonger! (And today's second bonus is a sprite strip with Floyd and Mr. Maintenance Engineer discussing the Chef's solution to the station's air shortage problem.)

If you have a bonus request, you can post it here!


2007/07/09   Q16 Milestone
Today's Silence in the Darkness on Q16 strip was the 100th one.

...That's 99 more than I originally planned to do!

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2007/07/07   Numbers
Three sevens in today's date.

Four strips I updated today - this one (obviously!), Z7, Ebb's Children, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16.

Two new sprite voting bonus strips today - here and here. (Thanks for voting!)

1400+ strips up at Robert Cook's fantastic comic The Mansion of E! (Congratulations, Robert!)

Five items in this list!

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2007/07/04   4th of July
Happy 4th of July to everyone reading this - whether you happen to be celebrating a holiday today or not!

Today marks another milestone for Station V3... The 1500th strip! (Of course, a few of those are guest strips, but there are more than enough bonus strips to make up for that!)

And speaking of bonus strips, there are two new ones up today -
fireworks and a really bad translation of today's strip. Thanks for voting!

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2007/07/01   New month, new bonuses
The bonus archive is all updated, and it's a new month, so today probably seems like a good day for new voting bonuses, right?

Well, I thought so, anyway, so the "station running out of air" bonus story continues today with two sprite strips at TopWebcomics and buzzComix.

Thanks for voting!


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