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2005/10/31   Halloween Art Swap
See the picture I got here, and the one I drew is over at Fizzle.

Happy Halloween!

2005/10/30   Daylight Savings Bonus +1
They'd have a hard enough time setting their clock when daylight savings time ends, but in today's first bonus strip, the guys on the mission to find V3 have to reset their clock after their visit to the anti-time parallel universe.

In today's second bonus strip (requested here), the Chef is serving an unusual lunch special.

2005/10/27   Too soon
The other day as I was leaving work I saw cars going past with snow on them. It didn't snow here, but it did a little bit to the north... It's October! Too soon (and too close) for that sort of thing.

But it's not too soon for another bonus, so there's one up today with some alternate text for today's strip. The next one will probably be a request from the forum. Thanks for voting! :)

2005/10/23   Security Bonus
Today's new voting bonus is a look at a security simulation where Linton (who was fired) and Prentis (who went missing with the station) are in there with a third player, trying to determine who's the best security officer for the station. Who will it be?

2005/10/22   Stop me before I spin off again!
I was working on some improvements to the ComicOstrich system, adding navigation buttons so it's possible to have more than one strip per comic. To test the changes out, I used the series of Station V3 strips where Ebb and Neap go through their explosive reproduction, and I've added an additional strip after the children arrive on Station K7. So now V3 has its second spin-off: Ebb's Children! I don't think I'll be updating this one on any sort of regular schedule, but I will probably add an occasional new strip to it.

In other news, Doctor Who also has its second spin-off.

2005/10/20   Random Observations
Random Observation 1: Dwight from The Office looks right as a Sith Lord... (Darth Schrute?)

Random Observation 2: I haven't updated the bonuses in over a week! I should fix that... Here's a really bad translation of today's strip, and I'll try to get another new bonus or two up soon. (Thanks for voting!)

2005/10/11   Bonus archive and forum
One thing that was missing from the site since its move has been fixed - the Bonus Archive is back (in a temporary form, at least), and updated with all the recent voting bonuses except for the current three.

If you have a bonus request, you can post it over at the New Station V3 Forum! (As long as I'm running a forum here, I might as well have the Station V3 one on it! And Z7 has one now too.)

2005/10/08   Alternate Alternate Alternate
New voting bonuses today - Three alternate versions of today's strip (at buzzComix, TopWebcomics, and Webcomics List). Enjoy!

2005/10/07   Today's Z7
DrunkDuck seems to be down right now, but Z7 is still online - today's strip is available here!

In completely unrelated news, the Wallace & Gromit movie is a lot of fun. :)

2005/10/04   Moving
In addition to the station moving to wherever it's got to, the comic's moving off of ComicGenesis. should still get you here, and pretty much everything should be here (except for the bonus archive - that hasn't moved here yet), but if anything seems strange and/or missing, that may be why.

2005/10/01   October
Well, here it is October already. Hopefully this month will work out better than September did!

Thank You to everyone who voted for V3 and kept it in the top 50 on all three lists last month even without new bonuses... I'll try to update those a little more often this month. Starting right now, with a bad translation of today's strip, an album cover, and a Station V3/Z7 crossover from the ComicGenesis/DrunkDuck "war." Enjoy!

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