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2005/08/30   A little bit of a site update
I finally got around to updating the art page - last time I did that was early April, and I've given and received a few guest strips and things since then.

I've also updated the bonus archive with all the bonuses up to (but not including) the three that went up the other day. (This one, that one, and the other one)

2005/08/28   Alternate versions
One fun thing with CD reissues of old albums or compilations is when they add on some bonus tracks with alternate versions of some of the songs. Sometimes they're better, sometimes they're not, sometimes they're just different. Sometimes there aren't any bonus tracks and the alternate versions seem to be unintentional, like when a CD says "from the original master tapes," but doesn't mean "you're going to hear what was on the 45." For example, the versions of "Don't Worry Mother, Your Son's Heart Is Pure" and "Beat The Clock" on the McCoys CD I have are noticeably different mixes/edits from the original (minor) hits. The Beau Brummels' "Laugh Laugh" always has an ending when I hear it on CD, where the original 45 faded out, and the Seeds' "Mr. Farmer" fades out on CD when it had an ending on 45. The reissue of "The Who Sell Out" I have on CD managed to include two versions of "Mary-Anne With The Shakey Hands" without including the one that was the flip side of "I Can See For Miles." And so on.

Moving from music to comic strips: With Station V3, alternate versions are usually first attempts at drawing a strip. Sometimes they didn't quite work, sometimes I decided to go in a slightly different direction, sometimes I'm not quite sure why there's an alternate! For today's voting bonuses (here, here, and here), there are alternate versions of three strips that originally ran in June and July. See what you think!

2005/08/22   Security now
In case you're wondering what happened to Linton after he left the station and got fired... we'll be getting to that!

In the meantime, today's bonuses are two more sketches (here and here) of the new security officer (or at least what he might look like once he's assembled), and a bad translation of today's strip. Thanks for voting!

2005/08/20   Minor changes - new character?
Some "minor changes" on the way for the station... One of which will probably be a new security officer, since they've fired Linton!

Today's bonuses (here, here, and here) are some sketches of what the new security officer might look like. (And Thank You to everyone who's been voting for Station V3 and getting it in the top 40 on all three lists!)

2005/08/19   Heck!
Well, so much for Starshift Crisis. I guess I'll have to start reading Starslip Crisis instead now.

2005/08/18   Just some random dots... in 3D!
For today's voting bonus pleasure... remember the "Magic Eye" stereogram books that were all the rage about 10 years ago? Cross your eyes and see a 3D picture! There's a picture hidden in two of today's bonuses. One where the picture's hidden in what looks like TV static, and another where the picture is hidden in a bunch of pictures of Mr. Maintenance Engineer. The third bonus is the solution. Which you don't have to cross your eyes to see.

Thank You to everyone who's been voting! Almost there on the "Get Station V3 in the Top 40 on all three lists" goal. :)

2005/08/17   Z7
DrunkDuck had been having some problems recently preventing me from uploading new Z7 strips there, but it seems to be back up and running now!

2005/08/13   Bonus updates
It's been over a week since I changed any of the voting bonuses, so today I'm changing all three at once! All three come from a request in the bonus request thread on the forum to see a size comparison of V3 and other stations and ships - I've done three sketches (up at buzzComix, TopWebcomics, and Webcomics List) that should give a general idea of how big V3 and Z7 are in comparison to other stations, shuttles, escape pods, etc. And the Bonus archive has also been updated with all the previous bonuses. Thank You to everyone who's been voting! The current goal is to get Station V3 into the top 40 on all three lists. (From there: World domination! Or maybe the top 30.)

2005/08/05   Back from Vacation
I'm back from a nice vacation in Wildwood NJ. Before going, we had been checking the forecast to see if it was going to rain... That's one thing it definitely did not do.

In today's bonus strip, Neap is back from his vacation orbiting the gas giant in V3's system... or did he visit the boardwalk?

Speaking of voting bonuses, buzzComix is up and running again, so I've added that voting button back to the main page. Since I didn't want more than three voting buttons on the main page - but didn't think I should completely eliminate the links to any others I might be on - the Project Comics button is on the fun page, along with voting links for the Comixpedia and KillBoredom lists. (The more places there are links to Station V3, the more people might find it! Or at least that's the idea...)

2005/08/01   Vacation
I'll be away from the computer for a few days, but I've worked ahead, so the comic should update without me.

And here's a bonus strip in the meantime, too. :)

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