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2005/05/31   More site stuff
Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend! (Where applicable)

The color strips are starting to spread through the archives... all of this month (except for a few guest strips) is now in color, and about half of April.

The Comixpedia voting list doesn't seem to have worked out, so I'm giving Project Comics a try instead. So if anyone happens to visit Station V3 for the first time today from the Project Comics list... Greetings! Hope you like the comic. And Thank You to everyone who's been voting, whether it's there, TopWebcomics, Webcomics List, some of the above, or all of the above!

2005/05/28   Site stuff
There was some sort of glitch last night which resulted in most of Station V3's archive going missing this morning, but it looks like it's all back up and running now.

While I was in reuploading some stuff, I also updated the bonus archive with the recent voting bonuses (apart from the current ones), so if you missed any, now's your chance to see them!

2005/05/26   Star Wars
Saw "Revenge of the Sith" earlier this week... good movie, probably the best of the prequels, does a pretty good job of tying the prequel trilogy into the original one. But then you probably knew that already, since you probably saw it before I did (or at least heard from someone who did). :)

And since I'm in a Star Wars mood, today's two new voting bonuses are Star Wars related!

2005/05/23   Original originals
I was working on my older computer where some of the first Station V3 strips are, to transfer some of them over and work on coloring them. I'm finding that in some cases, the originals aren't exactly the same as what got uploaded... some of them have empty word balloons, some of them are missing parts, and some of them have different words. One thing I found was a slightly different (and smaller) version of the first strip, which is up as a bonus today. I also found the right version, and colored that one. (And that's today's other bonus!)

In case you're wondering what the voting button currently on the site marked "Aardvark Toplists" is for - Comixpedia is trying out a script for their own voting list. I'm just helping them try it out. :)

2005/05/20   Color
So... color. The "sometime soon" I mentioned the other day is today! The new daily strips will be in color from now on, and the archives will be switching over to color too at some point.

Today's bonus picture happened when I was discussing the talking asteroids in today's Z7 with my brother... so you can give him the credit/blame for this one!

2005/05/18   Big changes coming?
In Monday's comic, the rumormongers on the planet were talking about some big changes rumored to be on the way. Could they have meant the comic switching to color? Well, no, since they were talking about the station in the comic, not the comic itself! But that is a change that could be on the way, since color came out ahead in the "color or black & white" poll at the beginning of the month. So don't be surprised if you start seeing color here every day sometime soon.

For today, you can see the current comic in color as today's voting bonus. (And yesterday's bonus strip is now here.) In other voting news, buzzComix still seems to be down, so I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for that list to come back any time soon!

2005/05/17   Speaking of TV...
I was pleasantly surprised to find out NBC is bringing back the US version of "The Office" for a second season... when I like a show and it doesn't get wonderful ratings, that's not usually what happens! I'm glad this one was an exception. :)

It looks like the rumormongers won't get to watch it, though... in today's voting bonus strip at TopWebcomics, their TV doesn't seem to be getting very good reception. And at Webcomics List, you can see today's strip in color. Thanks for voting!

2005/05/15   TV Time
In today's new bonus strip, one of the rumormongers apparently has questionable taste in TV shows...

2005/05/14   Today's update
I hope you enjoyed the guest strip week! Thanks again to Robert Cook, Sippan, Vorticus, my brother Chris, and my wife Karen. Today it's back to me, and pretty soon we're going to find out what the Station Authority's plans for V3 are.

Today I've also updated the bonus archive with all the voting bonus strips and pictures (half a dozen or so) since the last time I updated it, except for the current ones.

2005/05/13   Friday the 13th
TopWebcomics is back up again, so there's a new bonus strip up there today to see when you vote for Station V3! And there's also a new bonus picture up at Webcomics List.

What does any of this have to do with Friday the 13th? Nothing, really. Just the date, which seemed like a good title for today's message. :)

2005/05/11   I didn't do it...
I put up new bonuses yesterday for all three lists Station V3 is on... and by the end of the day, only one list was still working. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon. The bonus that was available for the least amount of time is now up as today's bonus on the list that stayed up.

2005/05/10   Keeping busy
If you're wondering how the V3 crew is keeping busy while the guest strips run, take a look at today's three new voting bonus pictures! (And thanks for voting, if you do!) :)

2005/05/08   Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to any mothers who may be reading this! :)

2005/05/07   Free Comic Book Day
Today is Free Comic Book Day! Check out a comic store near you and see what sort of interesting (and free) stuff they're giving away today. Unfortunately, you won't find Station V3 in any books this year, unless someone's got the "From Pixels To Paper" book left over from last year (or you're in Scranton and happen to find a little photocopied Station V3 book), since there was no book like that this year - but there should be lots of other interesting stuff out there! (And if not, you can always come back here and read the Station V3 archives for free...) :)

buzzComix seems to be back up, so today's strip is up in color as the bonus there today! If you missed yesterday's bonuses, they're still up at TopWebcomics and Webcomics List.

2005/05/05   V3 is 2
On May 6, 2003, I put the first Station V3 strip online... two years later I'm still doing it! I hope you're enjoying it. :)

For today's birthday voting bonuses: A bonus strip following up on the Plant's mission as established in the first strip, and today's strip in color! On Sunday the Station V3 birthday celebration continues with some guest strips.

2005/05/04   More color, more black and white
Today's V3 strip is up in color as the bonus at Webcomics List, and up at TopWebcomics, it's today's Z7 in black & white. buzzComix seems to be having some hosting problems - it's been up and down a couple times already this month. If it is up, it'll have yesterday's V3 strip in color.

Off to a better start than buzzComix this month is Tex and Jenny, Charles Brubaker's new comic strip, spinning off from his previous one, Tennessee Cats!

2005/05/03   I'll never be cruel to an electron in a particle accelerator again...
The nice thing about going to see a movie on a Monday night - my wife Karen and I were the only two people in the theater. And the movie version of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy turned out to be good, so that was an added plus. :)

Some more examples of Station V3 in color are up for today's voting bonuses: Today's strip in color at buzzComix, and another strip from the archives in color at TopWebcomics. And for an example in the other direction, a Sunday strip in black & white at Webcomics List!

2005/05/01   May
May's a special month here at Station V3... the comic turns two years old on the 6th, and as a little birthday celebration, there will be some guest strips up next week!

On the subject of Station V3 in color daily: Today's voting bonuses are three more strips from the archives in color, and a poll everyone can vote in. (Since the one on the forum is open only to people registered there.)

Station V3 in color daily?

Switch to color
Stay black & white

Current Results

Free Web Polls

And on the subject of voting, I'd like to thank everyone who's been voting for Station V3 on the three voting lists! It finished April in the Top 20 on Webcomics List, Top 40 on TopWebcomics, and Top 60 on buzzComix.

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