Newspost Archive

2004/11/29   By request, a new bonus
There's a new reader request bonus strip up today, in which some feline visitors (and a rodent) cause a disturbance in the shuttle bay.

If you have a request for another bonus strip, you can post it in the forum!

2004/11/25   Happy Thanksgiving!
If you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope your dinner is better than the one at the station cafeteria... :)

And here's a little Thanksgiving bonus! (The Ebb/Neap tech support picture that was there is here, and there's still a little one-panel comic from the prototype notebook here. Thanks for voting!)

2004/11/23   Today in Sci-Fi History
November 23, 1963: The first episode of Doctor Who airs, with many more to follow. And a few more by this time next year. :)

On a different note... now that Ebb and Neap have traded places, I should update the current bonus to reflect the change... Done! Funny how it looks exactly the same, though...

2004/11/18   Too quiet!
It's been a week since I said anything here or put up a new bonus, so here's a "real life" photo of Ebb doing some more tech support.

On the plus side, I'm still updating on schedule... :)

2004/11/11   I've been quiet...
I'm trying to work ahead a little on V3 and Z7, so I haven't had a chance to do any new bonus strips lately... but so there's something new to see when you vote, I've put up some one-panel V3 comics from the V3 prototype notebook. (Here, here, and here.) The previous bonuses are now in the bonus archive. Thank You to everyone who's been voting!

2004/11/07   Storytime bonus
Today at buzzComix is the (very short) story of Ebb. If you had any questions about Ebb, this story probably isn't going to answer any of them. But it's a story, and it's in color. :)

The next bonus will probably be a reader request one like the one that was up before (and is now at TopWebcomics), and for more voting fun, Station V3 is now also on Webcomics List. I wasn't sure I wanted to be on another voting list, but then I figured having another place for people to find a link to Station V3 wasn't such a bad thing. :)

2004/11/05   Dear Occupant/Webcomic News
I got some junk mail today, and the address label, instead of having my name on it with "Or Current Resident" on the next line, listed "Current Resident" first and me second. So I guess if the current resident isn't here, I'll do...

On a completely unrelated note, some webcomic news... Dog Complex, instead of ending at the end of October, got signed to a syndication contract by Universal Press' "My Comics Page" - so that's some good news!

And for some V3-related webcomic news, Z7 had its 100th strip go up this week. :)

2004/11/04   First bonus of the month
This month's first voting bonus strip is up. (With pie, as requested on the forum.) While it may be less important than voting done earlier this week, it should be more fun.

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