Newspost Archive

2005/06/22   Bonus archive updated
I've updated the bonus archive with all of this month's bonuses so far except for the two I put up yesterday. Thank You to everyone who's been voting!

2005/06/21   Another alternate
Today's strip is another one where I wound up with more than one version of it done... The other version is up as one of today's bonuses - and the other is a photo of Ebb trying to choose between the two versions.

2005/06/18   Weekend bonus... for music lovers?
In one of today's new voting bonuses, Morty is trying a "music makes plants grow" experiment with Plant Jr. The other is a look at what sort of music Plant Jr. is being subjected to!

(It remains to be seen whether this experiment is more or less successful than the one Mr. Maintenance Engineer tried over two years ago...)

2005/06/16   Three different ways to get to the last panel
In the process of drawing today's strip, I came up with two other alternate versions of it... all three versions end up with pretty much the same last panel, but they take different ways to get there. The other two versions are up as today's new bonuses at TopWebcomics and Webcomics List.

2005/06/11   The Noob
Some guest art I submitted for The Noob's first birthday is up today! (And if you read this after today, you'll probably find it at the guest art page there.)

2005/06/09   They came from the notebook!
Today's voting bonuses... two strips from before the dawn of time! Or at least from before Station V3 went online. One strip from the prototype notebook that wound up being used, and one that didn't.

2005/06/07   April in color
April's completely in color now... Charles Brubaker sent me the April Fool's Day strip in color!

2005/06/04   Weekend (bonus) update
Two new voting bonus pictures up today... One of Floyd's least favorite parts of the station, and the station's system as currently seen from a great distance. I've also updated the bonus archive up to the beginning of this month. If you have a request for a bonus picture/strip, you can post it at the Station V3 forum.

I've also updated the regular archives with some more color... now all of April is in color, apart from the April Fool's Day strip, where I traded strips with Charles Brubaker.

2005/06/03   Name recognition
Earlier today I was reading a review of the movie "Cinderella Man," and saw that the part of Max Baer was being played by Craig Bierko. "That name sounds familiar," I thought. Later in the day it hit me where I knew the from, and I looked it up to confirm it... he played Lister in the US pilot version of "Red Dwarf."

Probably not what he'd want to be remembered for!

2005/06/01   June
Welcome to a new month of Station V3! Not surprisingly, it picks up where the last month left off.

To get this month off to a good start on the voting lists, there's a new reader request bonus up at TopWebcomics involving the station's drug policy. An earlier prototype strip with the same theme (but a different administrator) is up at Webcomics List. And if you're still in a voting mood and don't need a bonus, there's Project Comics too. Last month Station V3 was once again in the Top 40 on TopWebcomics and Top 20 on Webcomics List... thanks for voting! I can see from the site logs that people are visiting from the lists, which is the whole point of being on them in the first place. :)

And on a completely different note, it seems that one of the worms in Boot Camp reads Station V3!

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