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2005/03/31   Who... what?
The first of the new Dr. Who episodes shown in the UK was a big success, and the BBC has announced that there will be another season. But apparently it won't be with the same Doctor, because he's already quit.

2005/03/27   Happy Easter!
Keenspace had some server problems the past day or so - so if you couldn't see Station V3 yesterday, that's why. Hopefully that's all fixed now!

And here's an Easter bonus picture!

2005/03/23   Spring?
Well, I thought it was spring... apparently the 6+ inches of snow that arrived today thought it was still winter.

2005/03/21   Spring
Today's bonus picture - Spring has sprung! (And the fourth wall has sprung a leak... good thing it's just a bonus!)

2005/03/20   Yesterday...
...all my troubles seemed so far away?

Actually, yesterday would have been a good day to post a message about how it was Patrick McGoohan's birthday, and how everyone should watch an episode of The Prisoner or Danger Man to celebrate. But I didn't do that... And I didn't get a chance to watch anything, either. Which is why I'm posting this message today, though it doesn't work quite as well now. (Since it's not his birthday today.) But it's always a good day to watch The Prisoner or Danger Man. :)

Thank You to everyone who's been voting for Station V3 this month! The bonus archive has been updated with all the voting bonus strips and pictures except for the current ones, so if you missed any, you can see them there now.

2005/03/17   St. Patrick's Day
There's only one character in Station V3 who could possibly be Irish at all (unless maybe the robots were programmed in Ireland), but he's not in today's vaguely St. Patrick's Day-themed bonus strip.

2005/03/15   Beware!
Today's bonus - Beware the Ides of March*!

* (I'des of March on "You Wouldn't Listen" - or at least that's what it said on the 45.)

2005/03/14   ...with a full deck
Today's bonus is a look at the picture from the Station V3 card (8 of Hearts) in a card project I contributed to over on the Keenspace forums.

Thanks for voting! :)

2005/03/10   Something Else
For today's bonus, I've put up a picture with no connection to Station V3. There was a discussion on the Keenspace forums about drawing in different styles, where people tried to match up pictures people drew in something other than their usual style to the artists. Nobody connected me with this picture...

The two previous (Station V3-related) bonuses are here and here. Thanks for voting! :)

2005/03/08   Who?
To celebrate the upcoming return of Doctor Who, today's bonus picture is Doctor Who-themed. (And I think I can probably find a post on the forum that'll let me claim this as a reader request, too.) :)

2005/03/07   Bonus archive update - who's the robot?
The bonus archive has been updated with a couple of recent voting bonuses - including the ones with the potential robots. Did you decide which one you thought was the robot? Check the forum and see who agrees with you! :) (Someone must, considering how the poll's going...)

In unrelated sci-fi TV news - I'm hearing good things about the upcoming new series of Doctor Who. :)

2005/03/04   Sing Along With Morty
Thank You to everyone who's been voting for Station V3 - it did pretty well on the voting lists last month!

For this month's first voting bonus: the cover of a very unlikely album.

2005/03/02   Some good webcomic news
Dog Complex is back! :)

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