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2004/09/30   Speaking of tech support...
My phone appears to be dead... no dialtone on any of the jacks in the house, or on the test jack in the box outside the house. So it appears to be a phone company problem, and they're going to take a look at it - in a couple of days. In the meantime, DSL is still working most of the time. (If it wasn't, you wouldn't be reading this right now! It's not like I'd be able to use a dial-up account as a backup in a situation like this...)

2004/09/29   Forced
I wasn't sure when I was going to get around to buying the Star Wars DVD set. Thanks to the combination of a sale, $20 in certificates, and a coupon, that's been taken care of... now I'm just not sure when I'm going to get around to watching it all! :)

First the Chef's family visited... now it's Linton's family in today's "family day" bonus strip!

2004/09/28   Bonus archive update
The bonus archive is back up and running properly again, and updated with all the bonus strips except the current ones.

2004/09/27   Welcome Visitors!
The station has some new visitors in today's reader request bonus strip - and they like the Chef's cooking! (The space eel bonus strip is here now.)

2004/09/24   Eel Poll
Floyd claims it's a "marauding" space eel in the current bonus strip, but a couple people have told me they think it looks like a nice, friendly space eel. What do you think?

Also - is working now, and the "previous" button will now take you to yesterday's comic instead of mid-August. :)

2004/09/23   The Eel in Space
There's a new reader request bonus strip up today - vote and see! It features a marauding space eel taking up residence on the station. The request didn't actually specify it had to be an eel... it just said 'marauding space thing.' So the thing is an eel. :)

2004/09/21   Strange searches
Apparently a couple people have come to Station V3 by running a search for "pictures of Emmit's death." As far as I know, there aren't any of those here... There is, however, a new bonus picture showing what happens when Ebb's children find his communicator. (The second security simulation picture is here now.)

2004/09/19   On the forum
The past week of strips can be seen on the forum while the site's being worked on. While you're there, you can also put in a request for a new bonus strip!

2004/09/17   Being quiet
I'm not going to say anything about anything working properly, because it'll probably find a way to prove me wrong halfway through the day when I'm at work and can't fix it. Like yesterday when the current comic and bonus decided to go missing. (And that actually had nothing to do with the site changes!)

2004/09/16   Still changing
The site's mostly working... hopefully it'll be completely working soon! In the meantime, I'll keep updating the front page with the current strip. The archives are available from the first strip through mid-August, and most of the other pages are working too.

To go with today's strip, there's a new bonus showing another security simulation - one the computer has in mind for Linton...

2004/09/13   Site name change
The site address is switching from to - I bought a while ago, but just had it set up to forward people here instead of setting it up properly. Now it's being set up properly, and I've got a few things to fix. In the meantime, if the current comic isn't up here, I'll make sure it's up somewhere (the forum, at least), and none of these changes affect Z7, so you could go read that!

  New bonus
There's a new bonus up today, featuring Human Floyd. Or in this case, semi-human Floyd. If you have a request for the next bonus, let me know!

2004/09/12   Where's the Plant?
The Plant left the station for the relative safety of the planet a couple weeks ago when the station improvement plan started... but did it stay there? Visit The Mansion of E today and see!

2004/09/10   The computer
In case anyone was wondering, the computer isn't based on a computer I know in real life.

Well, not exactly, anyway... :)

If they do wind up with wires all over the station, it might start to look like today's bonus, a sketch I found in the Station V3 prototype notebook. (Morty hasn't changed much...)

2004/09/09   Switchplates
At the video store the other day I saw they had light switch covers for various movies and TV shows. I suppose that's nice if you're redecorating a room and giving it a Muppet Show theme. Or maybe Scarface. I guess there must be demand for this sort of thing. Maybe I should start doodling pictures of Ebb on the switchplates in my house... :)

In site update news, the bonus archive has been updated with all of this month's voting bonuses so far except the current ones. (Which are the latest Human Floyd strip and the security simulation.) Next I should probably update the cast page, since as you may have noticed in today's strip, the newest addition to the station's crew has arrived!

2004/09/08   Animation and a request for requests
Yesterday's security simulation bonus got more votes than anything else so far this month (and maybe last month!) - I don't know if it was the subject matter or just timing, but Thank You to everyone who's been voting! Today a little animation has been added to it!

If there's anything you'd like to see for the next bonus (Another security simulation? A new Human Floyd strip? Something completely different?), post a message in the bonus request thread on the forum!

2004/09/07   Security Simulations
Linton thinks his security simulations are vital for the protection of the station. Mr. Maintenance Engineer obviously doesn't. A screenshot of one of them is up as today's bonus - you be the judge! (And yesterday's Human Floyd strip is here, if you missed it!)

2004/09/06   Here it comes...
The new computer Floyd's talking about getting in today's strip is the new character that's on the way! He'll order it just as soon as he gets back to the station.

There's a new reader request bonus strip up today, featuring Human Floyd again. He's not completely armless, you know...

2004/09/04   Good food
I went to Scranton's annual Italian Festival this afternoon, had some good food, and was inspired to do a sketch that's now up as the buzzComix bonus. Featuring the Chef, of course! :)

There'll be another reader request bonus strip featuring the Human Floyd up in a couple days... he seems to have taken on a life of his own!

2004/09/03   Redecorating V3
The station's actions in today's strip (and tomorrow's!) are leading up to the introduction of the new character... if you've seen it, maybe you can guess how that's going to work!

I've had a request for another Human Floyd bonus strip, so that's up as today's new buzzComix voting incentive. Yesterday's with Human Alternate Floyd is at TopWebcomics now. (...and Thank You to everyone who's voting!)

2004/09/02   Bonus!
There's another new bonus strip up today, which, like yesterday's, features the Human Floyd!

And speaking of bonus strips, the bonus archive has now been updated through the end of August.

2004/09/01   Welcome to another month of V3!
I enjoy drawing Station V3, people are reading it, and it was in the Top 100 on buzzComix and the Top 40 on TopWebcomics last month... so far so good!

To get this month started on the voting lists, there's a reader request bonus strip at buzzComix (The Human Floyd!) and another preliminary sketch of the new character on the way at TopWebcomics!

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