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2005/09/30   Telethon Book
The Webcomic Telethon book is available now. (And the Station V3 strip from the telethon is in it.) I've ordered my copy!

2005/09/19   Talk Like A Pirate Day
For more Talk Like A Pirate Day fun besides Linton's contribution in today's strip, visit The Mansion Of E, where in addition to an appearance by a pirate in today's strip, there's a pirate voting bonus with the Plant in it!

(And if you're still in a voting mood, feel free to come back and vote for V3!)

2005/09/16   There it is!
My strip for the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon went up here. I'm not sure what time that was - probably some time yesterday afternoon. So far the telethon has raised over $27,000!

2005/09/13   Webcomic Telethon
The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon has started. It'll have a new comic up every twenty minutes (and hopefully donations to go with them!), so there should be plenty to read there. (Including a Station V3 strip I drew for it, so watch for that!)

2005/09/09   I've been quiet again
The strip has updated on schedule, but I haven't said anything here in a week... Without going into any detail, let me just say that I hope everyone had a better week than I did. (Though I know many people didn't. On that note I'll put another link to the Webcomic Telethon here.)

As for the lack of new bonuses in the past week, obviously Ebb has been asleep on the job. (See?) But here's a strip and the record mentioned in it, from the current ComicGenesis/DrunkDuck "war" - Enjoy!

2005/09/02   Back in the webcomic world
Back in the happier world of webcomics, I'd like to thank everyone who voted and got Station V3 in the top 40 on all three lists for the first time. I'll have to put up some new bonuses soon (feel free to visit the forum if you have any requests) - maybe I can put Ebb to work drawing some comics and bonus stuff for me... Oh look!

2005/09/01   Current Events
I don't comment much on current events here, since I don't think reality is what anybody's coming to this site for. But I hope things start getting back to something at least resembling normal soon for everyone in New Orleans and everywhere else affected by Katrina. There's going to be a Webcomic Telethon to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims, so I'll try to do something for that.

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