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2005/04/29   More color
What do you think of the idea of Station V3 in color daily, instead of just on Sundays? Let me know here on the forum.

In the meantime, for today's voting bonuses, here are three more strips from the archives in color!

2005/04/28   Trying something different
I suppose it's not too different, since it's something I already do for Sunday Station V3 strips and every Z7 strip, but... Vote for V3 and see today's strip in color!

2005/04/27   Office... Space
In today's bonus sketch, the crew's requested visit to Earth continues... this time on Earth. You may recognize the location if you if you've seen the US version of The Office (which had its season - hopefully not series - finale last night). It wasn't in last night's episode, though, since they shortened the opening titles. And even if it had been, you wouldn't have seen V3's shuttle there. Anyway... the previous security simulation bonus is here now, the bonus before that is here, and anything before that is in the bonus archive. Thank You to everyone who's been voting!

In other news, Station V3 is now on Greetings to anyone visiting V3 for the first time from there! (Or from anywhere else, for that matter...)

And over on Z7 they're going to be dodging asteroids soon.

2005/04/24   Comedy or Tragedy?
My wife Karen and I went to the movies recently and saw Woody Allen's "Melinda and Melinda." (Quick review: Good, but not one of his best. 2 1/2 to 3 stars out of 4.) The idea in the movie was that you could take the same basic story and, depending on how you look at it, tell it as a comedy (with tragic elements) or a tragedy (with comic elements). Something that I suppose would be true of Station V3... reading it as a comic strip, it's a comedy. If you actually had to work at a place like that... tragedy. :)

New bonus today: Another one of Linton's security simulations. This time Morty has joined him in 2-player mode. The previous alternate alternate bonus is here now, and the "visit to Earth" is here. Thanks for voting!

2005/04/22   Ledgermain
In case you haven't seen it yet: There's a guest comic I drew up today at Ledgermain!

2005/04/20   Alternate alternate bonus
Today's bonus strip is not only an alternate version of a previous strip... it's an alternate version of a previous bonus (which was an alternate version of that previous strip). It's interesting seeing what turns up in the big Station V3 Pile of Strips. I think this version was started first before I decided to alter the pirates' "stealth technology" - and, obviously, finished last. For now. Maybe there's a fourth version in there I've forgotten about!

2005/04/18   Visiting Earth
One of the bonus strip requests on the forum was to have one with the V3 crew visiting Earth. So that's what they're doing today! Or are they...?

2005/04/16   Weekend Bonus
In the new bonus strip I just put up, Morty tries out one of Linton's security simulations, and gets bonus points. And as an added bonus, the bonus archive has been updated too!

2005/04/15   Insanity for the Poor
The comic Insanity for the Poor is one year old today, and I sent a guest strip for the occasion (which is up now). (A little background for the guest strip, in case you're not familiar with the comic: Doomy is a demon that works at Hell's gate, and a poseur doll is, well, a poseur doll...)

2005/04/14   What Ebb Found
Today's bonus strip is an alternate version of a past strip - it turned up semi-complete in the pile of V3 strips, so I semi-completed it some more. Bonus points to the first one to post a message on the forum identifying which strip it's an alternate version of! (Not sure what you can do with them, but still... bonus points!)

Other things that turned up and are now availble for your voting pleasure: another station that appears to be using modified escape pods as shuttles, and this guy. Thanks for voting! :)

2005/04/13   Looking for the next Bonus
Today's voting bonus is another photo of Ebb looking for the next bonus that isn't a photo of Ebb looking for the next bonus.

(That isn't a photo of Ebb.)

2005/04/09   Bonuses from the Archives
Since I've had Station V3 online for almost two years now (and Z7 one), the pile of original strips on paper has been getting pretty big. And it's not really in any kind of order - Z7 strips are in the pile with the V3 strips, and bonuses, rough drafts, guest strips, etc. are in there too. I was going through the pile today, and I found a strip from some time last year that I don't remember actually using, even as a bonus - and the words hadn't been added, so I don't know exactly what it was going to say! So now it says two different things. One version's up as the voting bonus at buzzComix, and the other's up at TopWebcomics. Even if I did use it before (let me know if you remember seeing it!), it'll be a little different this time. And I've got Ebb looking through the pile to find any more strips like that. (See the photo at Webcomics List!)

I've also updated the bonus archive with all the bonuses through the end of last month, so if you missed any, you can see them all there. Thank You to everyone who's been voting! If you have any requests for a bonus, you can post them at the forum - which brings me to another topic. There have been some problems with posts from unregistered users at Talk About Comics (where the forum is) lately, so the admins have turned off guest posting. Now you'll have to be a registered user there to post on the forum. So if you've been wanting to talk about Station V3 (or any other comic with a forum there), now would be a good time to register. :)

2005/04/05   Happy Birthday Z7
A year ago today, the first Z7 strip went up as a voting bonus strip (yes, it's up again), and soon after that, it went up (in color) on its own site. And it's still going... I've tried to tell it I'm too busy, doing V3 as a daily comic already... but would it listen? It even insisted on a bonus update today! :)

2005/04/02   March along with V3
March was a pretty good month for Station V3 (the comic, that is... the station doesn't seem to be doing well with those inspections!), despite some glitches with KeenSpace. (And with DrunkDuck for Z7. And with the three voting lists V3 is on. At times March seemed to be Season of the Glitch!) Everything seems to be working now, and hopefully it'll stay that way. And people searching for "comic strips for Molybdenum" can continue to be surprised when they find this instead. :)

For April, stay tuned and see what happens when V3 fails one too many inspections!

2005/04/01   A new look for V3
You might notice today's Station V3 strip looks a little different! Strangely enough, so does today's Tennessee Cats strip.

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