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2005/02/27   And the award goes to...
Here it is Oscar night, and I don't have any predictions... in fact, somehow I managed to see only one movie nominated for anything this year, and that was in the categories of music and visual effects.

I do, however, have a bonus picture up of some of the guys from the station at a different awards ceremony. :)

2005/02/25   Request time
Today's new bonus strip (in color!) is a reader request strip in which we meet Mr. Maintenance Engineer's brother. (Who was previously mentioned here.)

2005/02/24   V3: 1980
While I covered several aspects of Galactica 1980 in the V3: 1980 bonus (in orbit around Earth, different crew, children, Adama's beard), I've been reminded that I forgot one part - the "watching over Earth and trying to advance it" bit. The V3 crew doing that... scary thought! :)

2005/02/23   Sci-Fi Guy
So, yesterday on my lunch break, I wound up being Sci-Fi Guy for a little while... I was at the video store at the mall, and I wound up having a brief discussion about Galactica 1980 with a guy who was looking for it on DVD. (For the sake of completeness, since he had the Battlestar Galactica box set and had been watching the new remake.) Then they had these Klingon D7 Battlecruiser models that were marked down to $1.88...

Anyway, today's bonus: A look at V3: 1980. :)

2005/02/22   Figured it out?
Have you figured out which of the three guys on the planet is the robot? (See the complete picture with all three together in today's bonus) Check the poll on the forum and see if everyone else agrees with you!

2005/02/19   Who's a robot?
There are three new voting bonus pictures up today of guys on the planet. (Here, here, and here.) One of them is a robot... but which one is it?

Thank You to everyone who's been voting for Station V3 so far this month! If you've missed any previous bonus strips or pictures, the bonus archive has been updated, so you can see them there. (And in other site update news, I finally got around to updating the art page with the 2004 Secret Santa stuff I sent and received!)

2005/02/17   Have you talked to your plant today?
I was going through the prototype notebook, where I doodled, sketched, and scribbled a lot of the stuff that later wound up being Station V3, and I found some stuff that didn't... today's bonus is one of the things in there that appeared to have nothing to do with Station V3. But I suppose I could say one of the Plant's relatives is in it... :) (The previous two bonus pictures are now here and here.)

2005/02/14   Happy Valentine's Day
While I can't really say today's comic (or Station V3 in general) is especially romantic, today's bonus picture does have a Valentine's Day theme! (But it isn't especially romantic either.)

2005/02/12   Hitchhiker's Guide
There are some interesting pictures from the Hitchhiker's Guide movie at this page at The Vogons look a little bigger than I remember from the TV show, and I'm wondering if Zaphod's going to be calling himself Phil... This is one of those movies I'm going to see whether it gets good reviews or not, but I'm hoping for good. :)

(What if the Guide had an entry on Station V3? It might look a little like this bonus picture.)

2005/02/09   This time a year ago
This time a year ago on Station V3, the station had broken apart, and the station that had been Z7 (and would be again) was put into service as V3-b while V3 was repaired. But did you know that one of the problems they faced on V3-b was an invasion of superheroes? I didn't know that either - but it's up as today's reader request bonus strip!

2005/02/08   Previous bonuses
Thanks to everyone who's been voting for Station V3 - this month's off to a good start! I've updated the bonus archive, so if you've missed any of the previous bonus pictures/strips, that's where to find them. (And the forum is where to put in your request for the next one!)

2005/02/06   In a football mood
This being Super Bowl Sunday, here's a bonus in which Floyd runs an expensive commercial, and a picture of Neap in a football mood. (And yesterday's bonus is here.)

This being Super Bowl Sunday, I guess I'll go at least see what the score is... :)

2005/02/05   Alternate
When I did today's strip, I wasn't sure I was completely happy with the way it turned out the first time, so I did it again... but I wasn't sure I was completely unhappy with it either, so the first version's up as today's new voting bonus at buzzComix. (The Ground-Neap Day bonus strip is at TopWebcomics, and Webcomics List has the Floyd Dimension.)

2005/02/03   Enterprise
The groundhog sees his shadow... Star Trek: Enterprise is cancelled. Just a coincidence? I wonder....

2005/02/02   Groundhog Day
Hopefully the groundhog will decide winter's over (and be right) and not get us into any time loops today...

Getting this month's bonuses started is a bonus strip in which Ebb does not see his shadow. Thanks for all the votes last month!

Oh, and the Station V3 forum is open again, if anyone has something to say. :)

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