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2004/12/31   V3 Time/Space in 2004
The time/space disturbances in the last panel of the Dec. 31 2004 strip show lots of characters and other bits from the year... here's a closer look at it. See you in 2005! :)

2004/12/30   Art in the mailbox
V3 art in the mailbox is always a nice surprise! Today I got this from Charles Brubaker, who does the comic Tennessee Cats. Looks like the guys are having transporter problems, though on the plus side they seem to have increased the range! :)

In other news, looks like DrunkDuck is back up and running, so Z7 is back. :) (I hope I didn't just jinx it by saying that...)

2004/12/29   More updated bonus stuff and Z7
The last two voting bonus sketches of the year (probably!) are up at TopWebcomics and Webcomics List. BuzzComix seems to have used up its bandwidth for the month. The bonus archive has been updated again with all the previous bonuses.

DrunkDuck has been going through some upgrades lately, and Z7 was loading faster when I checked it the other day... but right now it appears to be down again, and I wasn't able to upload today's comic, so for now you can see it on the forum instead.

2004/12/24   Christmas Bonus
There's a new reader request bonus strip up today, a picture of the pirates (who have taken over something Christmas related), and the Christmas Cactus picture is here now.

Happy #11!

2004/12/23   Webcomic Secret Santa
Art time! For this year's Webcomic Secret Santa, I got some very nice art from Altermeta, and sent three strips to Pig Related.

And there's more art to see today when you vote (because voting is festive!) - a picture from Elizabeth Suarez of the Plant and Plant Jr. getting a visit from the Christmas Cactus! (The last two vote sketches are now here and here.)

2004/12/20   The programming prototype
I'll be putting up a new reader request strip as a voting bonus later this week... in the meantime, here's another sketch from the prototype notebook, of a character who would have been the station's computer programmer. Thank You to everyone who's been voting! :)

2004/12/15   Prototype Morty with Appendage Action
An early version of Morty from the prototype notebook is up as today's bonus - apparently at the time he had the ability to grow arms as needed. (Useful for station maintenance, I suppose!) The animated security simulation is here, the picture of Floyd looking at the Electric Building is here, and anything before that you might have missed is in the bonus archive. :)

2004/12/13   Animated bonus
Today's new animated bonus is one of Linton's security simulations! He's doing about as well as he did here.

2004/12/11   99 Spacers
Bob Oosterwijk, who does the comic Star Bored, has written 188 Lines About 99 Spacers who post to the Keenspace Forums, and drawn some great pictures to go with them - take a look! There are links to most of the Spacers' comics, so you might find even more interesting things to read besides what Mr. Bob's come up with. :)

(I'm one of those Spacers, and I seem to post a lot to the "Free Associations" threads there... but you'll probably figure out which one is me even without that information!)

2004/12/10   The Electric Building
So, we went downtown last night to see the lighting of the Electric Building sign... We didn't have the best view of it, with the rain, heavy traffic, people all around, and lack of available parking spaces, but it was still nice to see! (And after it was turned on we drove around the block and got a better view of it.)

For today's new bonus, we see Floyd running into the same problem (and seeing the sign from the same angle) - fortunately, he wasn't sporting his new look from the previous bonus at the time. :)

2004/12/09   Misc. stuff
I recently saw an episode of The Persuaders, and thought one of the guys in the episode looked familiar, but couldn't figure out who it was. It turned out it was Stephen Greif, the first guy to play Space Commander Travis in Blake's 7. Maybe it was the mustache, beard, and lack of eyepatch that threw me off... Anyway, I felt a little better about my actor-spotting skills when I recognized Ralph Bates ("Hey, it's the guy who played Michel Lebrun in Moonbase 3!") right away in another episode.

Yesterday evening in downtown Scranton my wife and I saw the "Scranton - The Electric City" sign on the Electric Building lit up. This is the first time it's been on in about 25 years. It was just restored this year... Its official lighting is actually today, as far as I know. I guess they had to make sure it was actually going to work when they officially turned it on!

DrunkDuck was having some problems yesterday, so you may not have had a chance to see yesterday's Z7 comic, but it should be working now. (I know... dangerous to say that, it might be listening...)

Finally, in some V3-related news, I've updated the bonus archive, so it now has all the bonus strips, pictures, etc. except for the current three. Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, enjoy! :)

2004/12/08   New bonus and Z7 update
There's a new reader request bonus strip up today, with Floyd going for a new look. (And he's prepared to exterminate anyone who doesn't like it!) The previous two bonuses are here and here, and if you have a request for one, you can post your request here!

Meanwhile, over at Z7, there's been a little bit of a site update.

2004/12/06   A nice surprise
I got some Station V3 fan art from Paul "Paul.Power" Varley of the comic Boot Camp. Thanks, Paul!

2004/12/05   The Death Fleet Task Force
Today's new bonus sketch is a preview of the sort of people Mr. Maintenance Engineer could be working with when he joins the Station Authority's Death Fleet Task Force. (The previous bonus strip is now here, and the one before that is here.)

2004/12/01   December's V3 (and everybody's)
December's first bonus strip (in color!) finds Floyd getting into the Christmas spirit. Or at least the commercial side of it. I suppose we should be happy he doesn't have an endless loop of annoying, tired Christmas songs playing! (Give him time...)

If you weren't done with Thanksgiving yet, the Thanksgiving bonus is here, and the reader request strip that went up a couple days ago is still here. Station V3 had a pretty good month on the comic lists in November - Thank You to everyone who's been voting! :)

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