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2004/08/30   Music to Breakaway by
I had a nice surprise when looking through a box of records at a flea market yesterday... I found a Space: 1999 soundtrack album, with the first season theme and music from some of the first season episodes. There's a lot that can be (and has been) said about a show where a nuclear waste explosion throws the Moon out of orbit, and clear out of the solar system so it encounters a new system and possibly inhabitable planet (though of course they can't move there) nearly every week... but the music is good! (And I like the show, even though - or maybe because - a lot of the episodes don't make a whole lot of sense.)

On a Station V3-related note, the voting incentives up today at buzzComix and TopWebcomics are early sketches of a character that may be appearing in the comic in the near future!

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2004/08/29   Station V3 brings your ancestors back from the grave!
I've had the "Come to Station V3 for the fuel! Stay because there isn't any!" line on Station V3's listing on buzzComix for a while... took me a while to actually use the line in the comic!

2004/08/28   New banners
I've had the same link banners/buttons for Station V3 for probably about a year now (they're on the links page) - I think it's time to come up with a few new ones. The first one is up in the forum now if anyone's interested in seeing it!

2004/08/27   Fun with the digital camera
A new bonus is up today... a photo I'll just call 'The Music Lesson.' (And if you missed the 100-meter float bonus strip, it's here now.)

2004/08/26   A day in V3 land
From a thread on the Keenspace forums comes a very nice picture of the Chef and Ebb from Khahn Mai, the artist behind The Crow: Alicesynaege!

The results of the 'how did you get here?' poll so far are interesting... one of the most popular categories is Other. Which makes me wonder how many different things make up Other - I know in at least one case I told the person about the comic myself.

Finally... voting. Voting is nice... Thank You to everyone who's doing it! :) If you have a request for a voting bonus strip, you can post it in the bonus request thread on the forum.

2004/08/24   How did you get here?
The number of people reading Station V3 has been increasing (which is a good thing!) - the site logs give me part of the story, but I thought I'd see what the people who would respond to a poll have to say:

How did you first find Station V3?

Link from another comic
Keenspace Guide/Newsbox
buzzComix/TopWebcomics/other voting site
A webcomic listing site
A message on a forum or mailing list
From Pixels To Paper comic book
Online Comics Day 2004

Current Results
Free Web Polls

2004/08/23   Site stuff
A minor site update - I've updated the art page, so it should be up to date now with the guest strips and art I've received or done for other people.

Also, there's a new bonus strip up today, following up with Ebb's 100 meter float. While in reality there's no such event in the Olympics, the third panel is probably an accurate portrayal of how many people would actually be there to see the event in person...

2004/08/22   Olympics
So if there was a fourth-place medal, what would it be made of? Copper? Zinc? Tin? "Team USA is bringing home the aluminum..."

On that olympics-related note, two new voting bonuses are up... Ebb training for the 100-meter float, and Linton practicing with the javelin. Help Station V3 bring home the gold! Or at least the molybdenum...

And on a non-related note, a guest strip I did for It's The End Of The World went up this weekend. Take a look if you haven't seen it already!

2004/08/20   Shaking the bugs out
Today at work, I saw a wasp land on a spider web outside the window. After moving around for a while, the spider came after it, but the wasp wasn't really stuck, and... Okay, wrong bugs. There were some problems with the new site layout this morning (though I only saw them on IE), but everything should be fine now. (If it isn't, feel free to let me know!)

  The guys on the planet
I should really add the rumor guys on the planet to the cast page... they show up in the strip often enough, and I like drawing them, so they're not going away! (They're in the current voting bonus, too!) I guess that'll be something for the next site update.

2004/08/19   Site update!
The main change in this site update is what you're reading right now... I've replaced the old newsbox with this nice blogger-powered system, which will serve pretty much the same function, look nicer, and be more fun for me to play with! Can't go wrong with that.

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