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Nice Weather We’re Having

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

If the groundhog is wrong more than half the time, does that mean we would have been better off hoping he WOULD see his shadow and call for a longer winter?

Meanwhile, in today’s new voting bonus strip, it’s Ground-Ebb Day on the Rumormongers’ planet! Vote for Station V3 at TopWebcomics and see if it goes any better than the last time they tried this.

And in other news, for those of you on Facebook, there’s a Station V3 page there now!

Poll Results and Things

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Thanks for all the replies to the “How did you first find Station V3?” poll! I had planned to leave it up a while longer, but apparently the poll plugin I was using made the site use more than its share of the server’s CPU. (In case you were wondering why the site was down for part of last Thursday, that was the reason!) The results were staying about the same as additional votes came in, though… A lot of you first found the site through the Monolith ads, and a lot of you found it through a link from another comic. So I’ll keep running the Monolith ads (which have certainly done better than some of the others I’ve tried), and if any of you have a comic (or other site) and want to link to Station V3, go right ahead! (Some link buttons are available here, if you like that sort of thing!)

Probably the biggest surprise was that nobody voted for the Facebook/Myspace/Twitter option or the Stumbleupon/Reddit option, considering how much traffic has come from some of those sites at times (especially Stumbleupon) – so don’t let that stop you from pressing any of the “share” buttons on any strips you happen to like!

Also, the “comic voting site” option only got a few votes, but I’m going to keep putting up occasional voting bonuses (like the picture of Ebb meeting a Tree of the Celestial Orb that just went up) – they do point at least a few people in V3’s direction, and I enjoy making them! (Also, it gives me something to put in the bonus archive – Which has just been updated again!) :)

Years In Review

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

My goals for Station V3 for the past few years have been pretty basic: 1. Keep updating. 2. Try to get more people to read it. 3. Keep having fun doing it.

So how did I do?

Goal 1: You can see on the archive calendar that the first goal was accomplished! Z7 and Silence in the Darkness on Q16 also kept updating on schedule, and even Ebb’s Children had a few new strips go up.

Goal 2: The site logs are telling me this one was accomplished! 2009 was a very busy year for Station V3 in terms of site traffic, and 2010 was even better. So a big Thank You to everyone who read the comic and/or helped spread the word!

Goal 3: If this one wasn’t accomplished, I wouldn’t be here telling you this! :)

The goals for 2011 are the same, but with “Get the second book finished already!” added. Also I’ll try to be a little more active in terms of updating the blog, putting up bonus strips, drawing guest strips for other comics, etc.

Some info from the 2010 site logs:

  • The top 5 browsers being used to visit the site are Firefox (47.2%), Internet Explorer (29.4%), Chrome (9.5%), Opera (7.1%), and Safari (3.7%).
  • Windows led the operating systems list at 86.7%, followed by Linux at 6% and Mac at 5.9%.
  • The top 10 countries with the most page views were the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Romania.
  • The most visited archive page for the year was the first one. (No surprise there! That was also true in 2009. And I think every year before that.)
  • The top 3 most visited archive pages for new strips in 2010 were June 26, February 28, and March 13.

Again, thanks for reading in 2010, and I hope you enjoy what’s coming in 2011!

Problem Fixed

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

For people visiting the site today: If you tried to visit the site yesterday, and found that you couldn’t, the problem’s been fixed! If you visited the site yesterday and didn’t have any problems, then that’s good. If you didn’t visit, you can just ignore this whole paragraph.

Anyway, it’s now safe again to tell all your friends to visit Station V3! (Or at least as safe as it ever was…) :)

…How about some music?

The Changes Continue

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Site changes are still going on… Everything should still be working, just don’t be surprised if some pages look a little different! Things are still in the “poke, prod, and tinker” phase.

In other news, the TopWebcomics list has reset for August, so there’s a new sprite strip up to see when you vote for Station V3 today! Ebb discusses the Third Planet situation with the Plant.

In still more other news, I drew a strip last month for Draw Until It’s Funny, and for anyone interested in a Station V3 t-shirt who doesn’t mind downloading a picture, printing it out on iron-on transfer paper and making the shirt themselves, take a look at this!