12 Months

So that’s 12 straight months of daily updates now! The last time I did that was 2015-2016. The next goal, which is only a few weeks away, is to complete a full calendar year from January 1 to December 31, which I last did in 2013.

I’d say “getting back to normal” but we know how that goes with Station V3… :)

4 responses to “12 Months”

  1. Rumormonger Omega says:

    Woohoo! 😀 *throws confetti in air*

    Of course, it’s not *really* back to normal until the updates resume on Q16,Z7, and Ebbs Kids 😉

    It’s not like doing 4 comics at once causes burnout or anything 😉

    (maybe at least the semi-traditional dec31 updates on the other 3?)

  2. Rumormonger Omega says:

    V3 IS BACK!
    (Well, I guess technically V3 isn’t back, since they still haven’t found V3, but the strip is back!)
    Happy New Year!
    Now for the obligatory Dec31 Q16/Z7/EK strips! 😉

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