It’s now been 19 years since the first Station V3 comic went online.

Time flies!

4 responses to “19!”

  1. Rumormonger Omega says:

    Time flies! Especially when it’s an Eel! Then it even flies in space! 😉

    Just think about all the webcomics that V3 has outlasted, there’s got to be hundreds or even thousands of them. There’s just some sort of special magic to V3 that makes it enduringly funny and entertaining – here’s to another 19 years! (at least)

  2. gkar56 says:

    Thank you for creating Station V3 and publishing it, I hope, for many years to come!

  3. simple country mathematician says:

    You know, as long as this internet fad stays popular, I think you’ll be just fine. But do you have any plans for after?

    • Rumormonger Omega says:

      *puts on old-man hat*
      y’know, young fella, back when I was a kid, there weren’t no fancy schmancy “internet” or “web” or such! we got up in the mornin’ and went out to the front porch to get a big bundle of raggy old paper with ink on it that came off all over yer hands, they called ’em “news”papers, if ya can believe that! Though they was really mostly advertisements and fluff. So pretty much the same as the internet. Anyhow, like most folks, we tossed all that other crap that was mostly for linin’ birdcages and such, and went straight for the pages full o’ webcomics! Only they didn’t call ’em webcomics then, they just called ’em “comics”, if ya can believe that! Most of ’em weren’t very funny, but nobody cared, ‘cuz they’d been runnin for 80 years or so. And that was the highlight of yer day! (ain’t like there was video games or cable tv or cell-a-ma-phones yet) So, seems like everything makes a comeback eventually (heck, I’ve seen kids these days wearing the old man caps my grandpa used to wear in the 1920s!) so I figure once this interweb crap blows over, you could put V3 in one of them “newspapers” when they come back into style! And the best part (for Tom at least) is that I hear that those old timey newspaper webcomic draw-ers actually got paid real genuine cash MONEY. Sweet deal if ya’ can get it, sez I!

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