Record Collecting

As some of you already know, and many of you may have guessed from the times I’ve mentioned going to record shows or put up record-related bonuses or lists of 45s on the forum, one of my interests besides webcomics is record collecting. For the most part nothing too rare – we’re not talking Beatles ‘Butcher Cover’ here – but I have a lot of 45s and LPs from the 60s and 70s (and some 50s, and some more recent), including a lot of stuff that isn’t easily available on CD (and in some cases probably never will be). A lot of the 45s from thrift stores and flea markets come without sleeves, so today when my wife Karen and I were buying a couple 45s at a record store (Donovan’s “To Try For The Sun,” which we got for its b-side “Turquoise,” and the Doors’ “Wishful Sinful”), I also picked up 100 sleeves, since I had a few 45s on the shelf by the stereo that needed them, and any left over after that could be used for some more 45s without sleeves I had in the attic.

It looks like the attic 45s are going to have to wait, since the ‘few 45s on the shelf’ used up the 100 immediately (and could have used a few more)!

One of the other problems besides getting enough sleeves for them is remembering which ones I have already – I spotted a few doubles just in the ones I was putting in sleeves today, and I know they’re not the only ones. (I’m even starting to wonder if I had “Wishful Sinful” already, come to think of it…) But on the other hand, I also spotted a few interesting ones I didn’t know I had, like a promo copy of “Back Up On My Feet” by Jimmy Druiett and the Music Fair on Epic from 1970. “I wonder if that’s a cover of the Monkees song?” I thought to myself… “Yes, it is,” the turntable answered. (And a pretty good one, too!)

Anyway, on a final record-related note tonight, I’ve just put up two more record-related voting bonuses – A sketch of Ebb with some 45s that need sorting (and Mr. Maintenance Engineer is trying to help), and a new 45 by Ebb on his own label!

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