Minor site update stuff

I’m not sure what’s happened to Webcomics List, but it’s been down all week. I don’t know whether or not to expect it back any time soon, so for now I’ve replaced its voting button on the main page here with one for KillBoredom, another list Station V3 is on. It looks like I should be able to set a voting image there… so if that works and you vote for V3 there, you should see a photo of one of Ebb’s children with the cast of the now ended (or is it?) comic Clipped Together! (Which has found a new home over on DrunkDuck.)

Besides changing the voting button, I’ve done a little bit of site updating on the links page, which has a few more links now, and the bonus archive, which has all the voting bonuses now except for the one I hope just went up and the other current two. (Thanks for voting!)

And in other news, the “Who should be kicked off?” poll for Round 2 of Rumormonger Idol is now open!

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