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November, Continued

Friday, November 9th, 2007

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet here lately, apart from new strips still going up every day. Due to some computer problems last month, I’ve switched operating systems (to Linux), and put in a new hard drive. Fortunately, this hasn’t affected the update schedule here (or at the other strips in the “V3 universe”) – the first thing I did was get the scanner and printer working, and the GIMP works as well as any of the programs I was using before. Also fortunately, I didn’t lose any data along the way, but it did delay work on the Station V3 book, which is a little frustrating, since it was very close to being done. At this point I can start getting back in to finish work on it – It looks like I may have a few formatting issues to work out with the different program (OpenOffice) I’m using now, but hopefully it’ll be ready soon.

In other book news, The Kid’s Book Project is almost done, with all the pages in.

In other other news, November is National Novel Writing Month – I’ve signed up at, since what’s one more thing not to have time for? :)

And finally, I’ve put up two new voting bonus sketches today – in the first one, a book is being written, and the second one is a preview of what might happen once V3’s crew gets their new replacement station. Thanks for voting!

Bonus Archive re-updated, and updated some more

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Apparently isn’t pointing to the new host for everyone just yet (and the server at the old host finally went down), since I’ve been told there were some connection problems here and there this morning. So if you couldn’t connect today and were wondering what was going on, maybe you’ll see this message in a few days and get the answer to your question!

In other site news, apparently the bonus archive reverted back to where it was before I updated it earlier this month, since my backup of the site was from before I did that. So I’ve re-updated it, and also added in all the bonuses so far this month except for the two new ones that went up earlier today.


Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

I see in the site logs that people are visiting here looking for information on – unfortunately, I don’t have very much. The server I was on stayed up, so I probably wouldn’t even have noticed they were down except it was time to renew a domain name with them! There’s a discussion about them on the Web Hosting Talk forums, and another on Slashdot. And apparently their registered agent in Kentucky (where the company was incorporated) just resigned.

Now, for those of you visiting for the comic (no longer hosted on Jatol) and not interested in any of that, there are two new voting bonuses today! A sprite strip in which Linton discusses the possibility of losing every round of the simulation tournament, and a bad translation of today’s strip. Thanks for voting!


Friday, September 7th, 2007

Everything seems to be more or less straightened out now – I’ve got new hosting (Vexxhost), I’ve got and pointing at it, and it looks like most of you are seeing the site up and running here now. (And those of you still seeing the site on what’s left of Jatol aren’t reading this message…)

Today’s first bonus is a sprite strip in which Linton finds out the simulation server crashed, and the second one is a very bad translation of today’s strip (though the third panel came out okay) – thanks for voting!

Live Ostrich

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

I got the domain name renewed, so Z7, Ebb’s Children, Silence in the Darkness on Q16, the forums, etc. are all back online, at least for now. Now I just have to find a new host to move them to, since I don’t know how much longer this server is going to stay up!