New Year’s Eve

Well, it’s safe to say this year didn’t go quite as planned, as far as updating. This was mainly due to a lack of time – the short version is that things got busier at work and stayed that way. Then as more time passed since the last update, it got harder to start back up again. I doubt if I’m going to update every day of 2018, but I’ll try to update a little more often than I did this year!

Anyway, ending 2017 for the Station V3 universe is the (now traditional?) four update day, with new comics up here and at Z7, Ebb’s Children, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16!

2 responses to “New Year’s Eve”

  1. Rumormonger Omega says:

    Even if you went to a regular once-weekly (or however often you think appropriate) schedule that would allow you to build a buffer maybe even, I think that would probably be a better thing than trying to do too many and getting burnt out or whatever trying to fit it in with work and such. You just raised the bar too high with all those years of daily updates! :)

    By the way, if I haven’t said it before, thanks for all those years!

  2. karan says:

    It’s alright. Take your time. Like Monger Omega said ,thanks for your time and making the comics over the years…

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