Facebook Bonus

I’ve been reminded about a rumor that there would be a bonus when the Station V3 Facebook page got to 100 likes – Which it did a while ago, so the bonus is up today! You can see it on the Facebook page and/or when you vote for Station V3 at TopWebcomics.

In other news about the bonus, I used the Bamboo tablet to draw this one (and the last one, which is still up over at Z7). One of the things I like about it is the ability to immediately undo my mistakes – one of the things I DON’T like is that so far they’re mistakes I wouldn’t be making with pen and paper! So for now the plan is still to draw Station V3 on paper, and use the tablet for the spinoffs and bonus comics.

3 responses to “Facebook Bonus”

  1. WhenTheLionGetsFeelingFrisky says:

    I started the rumor, I just feel so powerful now.

    Also, I’ve just heard that there would be 7 strips a day from now on, still providing as much fun -whee !

    I’ll be waiting.

    One bottle… ?

  2. karandpr says:

    Rumor has it Z7 will now be a daily comic

    • -2! says:

      That would be awesome. Esspecally if it goes along with the other rumour that the Gordon Dimension will be getting its own daily spin off comic with Z7 returning to Z7. Mind you Z7 could be about Z7 again as I still haven’t got to catching up on the spin off strips after regaining internets. Once I do though I will return to the forum.

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