Problem Fixed

For people visiting the site today: If you tried to visit the site yesterday, and found that you couldn’t, the problem’s been fixed! If you visited the site yesterday and didn’t have any problems, then that’s good. If you didn’t visit, you can just ignore this whole paragraph.

Anyway, it’s now safe again to tell all your friends to visit Station V3! (Or at least as safe as it ever was…) :)

…How about some music?

3 responses to “Problem Fixed”

  1. macsnafu says:

    Both the music and the video were very 1960’s-ish, but I really don’t get the football-heads…

  2. macsnafu says:

    Oy! I looked up Los Bravos – They were a 60’s Spanish band with a German lead singer, trying to make it big with English-language pop songs, and their big hit was “Black is Black”, a song I recognized. so of course this was very 60’s-ish–it WAS the 1960s.

  3. Axonite says:

    I knew Black Is Black and some of their other smaller hits (Going Nowhere, Bring A Little Loving, I Don’t Care), but I had never heard Just Holding On before I found this video.

    Still haven’t found an explanation for the football heads… :)

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