The Plant Again

Since the last bonus strip with the Plant seems to have gone over pretty well, there’s a new one today with the Plant in a new situation! (Thanks for all the votes! Station V3 is back in the Top 100 at TopWebcomics for the first time in a few months.)

In other news, remember how the Rumormonger with the Hat liked the PC Weenies book? It turns out Rumormongers also like Zortic frisbees!

And not just the frisbees, of course… They like Zortic in general for a good sci-fi comedy adventure fix, and recommend reading through the archives at least twice, followed by a read through The Saucer Seekers! (I think they just found the TV Tropes entry on Archive Binge.)

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  1. Mark says:

    That’s awesome! I would pay a lot to see a group of rumormongers playing ultimate Frisbee.

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