Following up on the PodWarps

Following the discussion of Station V3 in Episode 13 of PodWarp 1999, I’m planning on making some changes – some to the site, some to the comic. I’m not planning anything too drastic, but next time Emmit appears in the comic (whenever that turns out to be), he will most likely not have his hands in his pockets. That’ll probably be after they get out of the time loop. (So yes, they will be getting out of it – but what then? Keep reading and see!)

Following up on Episode 12, where Dino Andrade was on as a guest, one of the SoulGeek webcomics he mentioned has launched – Legend of Bill by David Reddick. Only a few strips up at the moment, but it looks good so far!

And in other (unrelated) news, Contestant 5 and Contestant 6 finish up Round 1 of Rumormonger Idol for today’s voting bonuses!

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