Looking back, looking ahead

Last January I made some comic-related New Year’s Resolutions. I think for the most part I managed to keep them:

  • Update Station V3 every day – yep, did that.
  • Update Z7 at least 50 times – I wound up putting up 98 new strips and getting it back on a regular schedule.
  • Update Ebb’s Children at least 10 times – Update 13 times.
  • Make a few changes to the site – Yep, made a few. Maybe not as many as I planned, but a few!
  • Finish putting together the first Station V3 book – Did that! (And you can buy it here.)
  • Keep things interesting – I certainly hope I did that!

…And I also did a few things I hadn’t planned to do! For example, starting Silence in the Darkness on Q16, the third Station V3 spinoff. It actually had the most visitors of the four comics last month, thanks to visitors from StumbleUpon, and various German web sites, such as this one. (Though Station V3 still had the Pac-Man share of the site bandwidth pie chart, and is back in the lead this month.)

Plans for 2008 include hoping the comics will earn enough through Project Wonderful ads and book sales to pay for their hosting, doing more guest strips for other comics, and generally doing pretty much the same thing I did in 2007! (Except for putting together the first book – I’ll have to work on a second one instead.)

…So keep checking this year and see how I do, and I’ll have a followup post on the subject this time next year. :)

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