Happy 2020!

Happy New Year!

My New Year’s resolution is to post more new strips this year than I did the last few years combined.

Also, I hadn’t updated the voting bonus since 2016, so there’s a new one today. If you were wondering what ever happened with Rumormonger Idol (or even if you weren’t), push the button and see a new bonus strip! :)

10 responses to “Happy 2020!”

  1. Karan says:

    Happy new year Tom.

  2. Happy new year and I’m looking forward to the new strips.

  3. The daily uploads first died in 2014 (that was a while ago!) and, had been daily for over 10 years at the time. (That’s insane).

    You mentioned more comics than the last 4 years combined. Ignoring Z7, SitDoQ16 and Ebb’s Children, here are the stats/goals:

    More than 2019: at least 17 strips
    More than 2018-2019: At least 33 strips
    More than 2017-2019: At least 90 strips
    More than 2016-2019: At least 350 strips
    More than 2015-2019 would be over a strip a day, but I didn’t do the exact math.

  4. Rumormonger Omega says:

    That wasn’t what I had picked for the outcome of “Rumormonger Idol” in my office betting pool.
    (But since I was the only one in the office betting pool, can I just say “I won” instead?)

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