Station V3 is 16! (And there’s a new comic today!)

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  1. TimeRyder says:

    where the hell have you been?! WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! It’s been FOREVER AND A HALF since the comic updated, I feared the worst! Please update more than once a year, PLEASE! WE SERIOUSLY MISSED YOU!!!!

    • Axonite says:

      The issue has mostly been a lack of time – but I’ll definitely try to update more than once a year! :)

      • TimeRyder says:

        So sorry to hear that, I hope you get more time this year, there’s a ton of people that freaking love this comic and were worried what might have happened to you. Thanks for trying to update more. :)

  2. First post anywhere on new computer. Only been setting it up for the last 4 or so hours. Anyway I figure you’d like to know that you have a common CSS bug on your website. You set the background colour of the page but didn’t set the foreground colour. This isn’t garunteed to be black, so you can end up with things like this:
    (in the mean time I’ve told Firefox to not use my system colours)

    • Bill Gates says:

      Serves you right, you System-Color-Nonconformist!!
      Micro$oft knows what system colors are best for you, just leave them the way they are *supposed* to be!

  3. Rumormonger Omega says:

    Station V3 is old enough to get a drivers license!!!!!

    They grow up so fast! *sniffle* *wipes away tear*

  4. Rumormonger Omega says:

    Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is a new Station V3 strip!

    I’ve been a really good boy this year!

    (OK, no I haven’t. But can I have a new V3 strip anyway? pleeeeeease?)


    Rumormonger Omega

    • Rumormonger Omega says:

      Wow! I did actually get what I asked for for Christmas-new V3 strips!

      I KNEW that Santa was REAL!!!!!!!!

      Don’t believe all those skeptics – this is PROOF!!!!
      Only Santa could make this happen!!!!!

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