Floyd's Station Log

Station Administrator's Log - Z00500000101 12:10

Does it make any difference at this point whether I actually updated the Station Log for the past few years, but then it all got wiped out when the universe was restored from backup or if I didn't actually update it? I think I'll go with the first one, it sounds better.

Station Administrator's Log - Y00300000527 11:11

The Station Authority is interested in knowing why I haven't updated this log, and they won't take "The universe ended" as an excuse. Apparently the universe didn't actually end.

Station Administrator's Log - X000200000120 12:34

End of the universe!

Further updates to follow.

Station Administrator's Log - X000200000118 21:12

I just discovered that I've been dictating my station logs into a toaster for the past year or so.

Makes me wonder what the cafeteria's been doing for toast.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100020208 22:39

I can see I'll have to be more careful with that "send" button.

Status Report to Station Authority - X000100020208 22:37

I'm going to claim that the log entries for the past year or so were lost when the old station blew up. That sounds better than "I didn't bother doing them."

Station Administrator's Log - X000100020208 22:37

I'm going to claim that the log entries for the past year or so were lost when the old station blew up. That sounds better than "I didn't bother doing them."

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010525 14:37

The unreality wave that we think helped us pass inspection is now helping to keep the Station Authority's team of consultants away. Unfortunately, it's done this by completely isolating this system from the rest of the universe.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010506 13:43

We've passed the inspection. The Station Authority is going to send their team of consultants to make all sorts of changes anyway. Why did we bother?

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010426 09:09

It'd be unreal if we passed inspection. So we're going to try turning off the reality normalizing system.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010315 11:59

Instead of a shuttle inspection, it appears we're going to be getting a full station inspection. This isn't quite what I had in mind.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010314 23:23

I've requested an inspection of our modified escape pod shuttle. If it passes, we won't have to buy a real shuttle.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010309 22:09

Mr. Maintenance Engineer and Linton went down to the planet to help the local population with their robot rumor problem. That's solved, but we got stuck with the bill for repairs to the teleport booth down there. It doesn't pay to be helpful.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100010219 9:49

The Death Fleet crisis appears to be over, and the crew is back. Or something resembling it, at least. There are reports that our Plant has taken over the fleet and renamed it the Plant Watering Fleet, which doesn't sound quite as dangerous.

Status Report to Station Authority - X000100001031 9:24

Everything is fine.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100001031 9:23

Our plans to deal with the impending arrival of the "Death Fleet" have been somewhat complicated by the fact that they're already here.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000917 10:12

We have a new computer that we got cheap. We've got it hooked up to the station's systems and we've given it complete control. We're starting to figure out why we got it so cheap.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000905 09:13

We're having some problems with the station improvements. The station's rejected them.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000828 09:33

It's been a mixed month on the station. The Gamma Repair Team got the station to let us back on, but then Pollutico cancelled their construction project, and so far we haven't had any luck bringing anyone else in. Alternate Floyd's universe's V3 is doing well, so he's made a few recommendations on how we can make things better around here with some improvements on the station and an effective advertising campaign. I've bought some wallpaper to redecorate the station, and I'm thinking of putting another billboard up on the planet. Strangely enough, the Plant disappeared as soon as the improvement plan was set to start.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000628 22:54

I hate to bother the Station Authority with trivial things, but having the station trying to evict the crew could be a problem.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000530 10:41

Pollutico is planning on building a toxic waste processing facility in the system. Strangely enough, not everyone seems as enthusiastic as I expected about this news.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000419 23:45

I've put an ad in the paper looking for a new pilot. Not that I expect Emmit to fail his recertification... it just doesn't hurt to be prepared when he does. If. I mean if, not when.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000417 09:44

Emmit is away for shuttle recertification, and Unit 6 is here covering for him. I'm considering sending Ebb and Morty away for shuttle lessons in case Emmit fails.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000326 23:39

I have to explain to the Kerlfian ambassador how our crew accidentally drank a number of his people when they were mistakenly delivered to our cafeteria.

That should be fun.

Status Report to Station Authority - X000100000318 22:43

Everything is fine.

Station Administrator's Log - X000100000318 22:42

It's been an interesting week on the newly "repaired" Station V3. On the plus side, Gordon has been named commander of Station Z7, and the whole crew is back on board V3. On the minus side, the teleport system has malfunctioned again, the Chef still hasn't let anyone fix anything in the cafeteria, Emmit's room was custom-made for a Fregobian Tree Squid, and Linton thinks the station is out to get him.

I think it would be fair to say this week leaned towards the minus side.