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Make Your Own Station!

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

V3 reader Tyler Robbins recently sent some interesting fan art – a PDF of a paper model of the station! Download your copy, print it out, get out the scissors and tape/glue, and make your station today! (If you like the way yours comes out, post a picture on the forum!)

In other news, it’s been a while since I put a sprite strip as a voting bonus – so there’s a new one to see today when you vote for Station V3 at TopWebcomics, in which the rumormonger with a hat talks to Morty about the terms of the loan he gave the pirates this week.


Friday, December 4th, 2009

The Xcentrikz website, in addition to having the comic, has a lot of interesting interviews with other webcomic creators, and one of the ones they did recently was with me – take a look!

The Edible Version of Station V3

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Station V3: The Birthday Cake!

I’m not sure if it counts as fan art or dessert (or both?), but I’d like to thank my brother Chris for making this for my birthday yesterday!

(And it tasted good, too!)

Strange coincidence, update, random news

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

In yesterday’s strip (3/20), a rumormonger added two and two to get 4,376. I had considered several other numbers – like 22, for example – before deciding on a number that included the answer and the phone exchange of somewhere I used to live. Coincidentally, as pointed out by a reader, the asteroid 4376 Shigemori was discovered on 3/20/1987 – 22 years ago. Maybe I meant to do that?

In other site news, I’ve updated the links page, and added another page with links to fellow Palace in the Sky comics.

And in other non-Station V3 webcomic news:

Robert Cook’s comic The Mansion of E recently hit the 2,000 strip mark. Congratulations, Robert!

While there haven’t been any new episodes of PodWarp 1999 uploaded since January, it’s not dead yet! There are more episodes on the way. If you have any suggestions for a future episode, you can post them on the PodWarp forum. Meanwhile, Mark Mekkes and I were among the people on the latest live episode of The Gigcast.

And speaking of PodWarp, fellow PodWarper Ben Paddon has put out a Jump Leads book! Fun stuff.

New Sites and Things

Friday, December 5th, 2008

There’s a new webcomic rating site that started up recently – Is It Funny Today? Instead of voting for a site as a whole, you see individual strips, and vote on whether not you think they’re funny. You can vote from a list, or browse through random strips. Station V3 is one of the comics on their list (in the story comics section), so if you think any of the strips on their list are funny (today and the past few days), you can vote yes. Or if not, vote no! (I’m trying for “yes,” of course, but there’s always a chance my “yes” is someone else’s “definitely not.”)

Another new site (though not a webcomic one): The guys behind Star Pirates have come out with another game – Spy Battle 2165. If you liked Star Pirates, give this one a try!

And since I titled this post “New Sites and Things,” here are two Things: an alternate, more stand-alone version of today’s strip up as the new voting bonus at TopWebcomics, and a bad translation of today’s strip up at buzzComix!